Back At It

Good morning peeps and welcome to Wednesday. Still not feeling that great but got to just suck it up and head in to work. Took a sick day yesterday to try and help; literally almost all I did was rest which I guess at my ripe old age of 46 is just what I need when I’m not feeling up to snuff. So here I go again, lol (Did you catch the Whitesnake reference? Good luck getting the song out of your head, haha)

So I had a talk with someone recently that just bolstered my point about the Church today. No this will not be a long post bashing the Church. In fact, for the record, I am very aware that there are SOME local churches out there actually abiding by the principles and teachings of the Messiah. So when I say the Church, I mean as a unified body as it was intended. What my point wil be this morning is that WE as the church are doing a horrible job of equipping our members with the ability to carry out Jesus’ greatest commandments. Love others more than we love ourselves, preach the Gospel to all that will hear it, that like Jesus we are here for the “sick” not just for the “well”.  I used to be one of these; where the minute someone started launching profanity or was engaged in a lifestyle that didn’t match up with mine, I was outta there. I ask you this morning, is this what Jesus did? When Jesus went to preach His teachings, did He say, “all may listen except for those of you that cuss?” Quite the opposite actually! So much so that the Pharasiees would even question why He associated Himself with such sinners? Has anyone ever asked that of you? Is your love of Jesus so great and your desire to spread the Gospel so deep that there is no person you wouldn’t associate with to tell it to? Guess what? Most don’t and there in lies the problem. It’s not something that you are usually just gifted with, it has to be taught and if the Church isn’t teaching this then what will?

I will put this out there by saying I do not go to a local church right now. Not because of any other reason than I have not found one that puts the teachings of Jesus at the top of their priority list. There is no perfect place but quite honestly the only desire I have seen is to build up the numbers and stay within their four walls. I can do that from home…..Friends, if this is to change, we need to help do it. We need to get away from these mega-church entertainment industries and back to the root of what Jesus wanted for the Church; to be the place where the brethren can lean on and learn from and be equipped to carry out the mission that God has laid out on their hearts. Amen?

Friends, have a good hump day and please follow me along on this crazy journey I am on. Let’s get this ship going in the right direction shall we?
Peace and Love,



Still Not Feeling Well…

Well good morning friends or should I say good afternoon. I had a restless night and woke up feeling pretty crappy, so at my age and current health status I stayed home and slept in. This usually happens about twice a year and this is the second of the two. I don’t think this will be as long lasting as the first, but lets face it, I am a guy so yeah feel like I’m dying….

So this blogging thing I can’t quite put my finger on. In this age of technology it would seem like writing a blog and getting it out there would be easier, however, I am finding that is not the case. I mean writing it is easy enough, however, getting it to where people will read it is entirely another deal. So I am taking the advice of one blogger that reached out to me and am just writing for myself. I hope others can be helped and would love the feedback, but, I just have to hope that will happen in time. (Heck, its like pulling teeth just to get my family to read them lol). With that said I will bid you a due and hope you have a good day. This old, sick guy is going back to lay down.

Peace and love,


It’s Monday!

Good Monday morning folks! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for another fun filled week….Yeah I am trying to convince myself of that too. I feel like dog poop but I am hoping that some coffee and ignoring my symptoms will do the trick. I usually get sick twice a year and this would be the second and lesser in intensity. You know your getting old when you can pretty much plan your illnesses; but I digress. 

Nothing real deep this morning, I just saw this verse and thought they maybe some folks out there would need it. See you may be thinking this morning just how “crooked” the path you are on right now is. You may even feel totally overwhelmed with the circumstances around you, however, God’s Word assures us that not only is He there along side us in this path but He has already fixed the “crooked road” and made it straight again. How much better would you feel if you truly believed that no matter what circumstance you have stumbled upon (or in some cases created by your actions) that He has already provided a straight path to get you out? Problem is many of us just get stubborn, don’t trust Him, and stay on the crooked path. My message this morning is that you don’t have to; there is always another path. A path the the Creator Himself has fixed for you so that you would have an abundant life (yes one right here on earth). 

Sound good? Pray to Father today and let Him show you the way. Have a blessed day everyone!

Peace and Love,


Not Feeling Well

Good afternoon friends. Not feeling real well and wants to reach out for prayers. I hate feeling sick especially when its like this halfway point of half sick half not. So thank you for your prayers and I hope my blog posts are making an impact slowly but surely. Heck, might even be another one coming tonight.

Good Sunday Morning!

Good morning! Oh man I never knew so much was involved with promoting a blog. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wow so much to do but definitely worth it. Worth it because I feel that I have a real purpose in my writing; not just to gain followers and possibly even a new livelihood but because I feel I have a real message for people. A message that things are not as they should be and we need to change them and fast….

So, you might be wondering about the picture above and why I led with that; glad you asked! Well, this past week my middle son asked me what he should say to someone that insists if you are gay you are going to hell.? I have heard this viewpoint before but the fact that my son was asking about it showed me that Houston, we have a problem. We have a problem because once again, the church and its followers (notice I did not say Jesus and His followers) have created their own Bible and their own Gospel. My response was simple; ask them if they think liars go to hell, if people that lust go to hell, if adulterers go to hell, if people that get angry go to hell. And if they say no then explain to them that being gay is no more or no less a sin than anything else. There is only ONE way you send yourself to hell; rejecting the Messiah. Period! That’s it, that’s all, show is over, end of story. God does not judge our sin, He did that by sending His Son to the Cross. What He judges us on is whether or not you snubbed your nose at His free gift.

Does God want us living a homosexual lifestyle? Of course not, He is very clear about that. The point people continually miss is that He also does not wanting us to lie, or cheat, or lust, or (insert your sin of choice here). We are not judged on some mystery scale like other false religions but instead by His Grace. Now of course once we come to TRULY follow Jesus, we should repent (turn away) from our sin and start heading the other direction and this topic is no exception. But by listening to some folks, by their gospel, if you die in your “gayness” you will go to hell. This folks is why the world is what it is; too many people playing God and not enough people loving others regardless of where they are at. 

I have the same argument with folks on tattoos. “Hey, don’t you know the Bible condemns tattoos?” My response is, “Hey, don’t you know the Bible condemns cutting your beard or hair?” ITS IN THE SAME VERSE PEOPLE!!! Context is always key folks, but alas we pick apart God’s Word to suit our agenda or heck even create a new one altogether. Just another way in which a veil has been placed over our eyes folks…Are you willing to lift it? Are you willing to see what God really wants from us? I think I have some of those answers; would love for you to continue the journey with me 😉

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Peace and Love,


A Couple of Observations

Good afternoon all, 

I know I just posted something a few hours ago but something new I am trying is taking notes when I am out of things I observe and then writing about them later. I did that today as my wife and I went out to eat brunch. The following are a couple of observations I made; take them for what you will….
1.  As we were eating, these 2 people were ushered to their seats; they had to be from Chicago as their arrogance actually beat them to the table. (No offense to my friends from Chicago but here in Michigan we notice a “I’m better than you” attitude from them all the time). Not only was their initial table not good enough but the waiter that brought them their water was not greeted with a thank you, go poop yourself, no nod of the head, not even a smile, just continued to look at their menus as if this person (the waiter) didn’t even exist. This may seem like a small thing but its these little lapses in courtesy that build frustration and resentment with folks. You would be surprised what a simple, thank you can do for someone…..

2. On the other side, as we were close to being done with our meal, a busboy was cleaning off a table near us and was singing with this angelic voice that brought instant bliss to my heart. He was singing “My Eyes Are on the Sparrow” or something to that effect. When he had finished with that table, he came over to ours and asked me, “Excuse me sir, may I take your empty plate for you?” It was like I had just been asked by Jesus Himself if He could do something for me. I said, “yes please”. Then I asked, “was that you singing at the other table?” He nodded that it was with a small but humble smile and all I could say was, “awesome!” I truly think I witnessed a true servant of Christ in that encounter. Whether He was an angel sent by God for that particular moment, I’m not sure of, but what I am sure of is this is what Jesus would expect of His people. It gave me a glimmer of hope in what has been a sad few months. Thank you God for that brief encounter that You are in fact still around….
Just a couple of observations from yours truly, enjoy the rest of your day,


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Removing The Veil- Part I

Good Saturday morning friends. I hope your work week went well and I really thank those of you that actually take a few minutes a day to read what is going on in this crazy mind of mine. It’s been a week today and I do feel like even with everything going on in my life, this is serving some sort of purpose. Today’s post is going to be one that is different from most; it will be the beginning of the many reasons why I believe a veil has been placed over our heads. A veil that for the most part has gone unnoticed and quite frankly embraced. A veil that has destroyed the original plans and idea of the church as Christ intended it and replaced it with an entertainment industry. So, here goes Part I…

To understand why I believe there is a veil that has been placed over our heads, you must first understand how the Church began. Not many people understand that when “church” first started taking place, it wasn’t just on one or two days a week. It was EVERY day. Not only was it every day but they didn’t worship in one place. The disciples would go around from town to town and village to village and have worship. Then those towns and villages would pick up the same practice in one form or another, but the essence was the same; every day people came together and worshipped God and His Son. 

Now I know the religious scholars will tell you that there are very distinct reasons why we worship on Sunday. Well, those might be good intended reasons but you have to ask yourself, “Did Jesus command this?” Did He command that Sunday be reserved for that special time of worship? The answer to that question is a resounding NO. So right off the bat, we have taken over what God laid down as a plan of daily worship and changed it to fit our needs. One thing that I have always learned in Bible study is that if God didn’t put it in there, then its not true. Especially when it comes to things as important as His Church. Yes I know Churches were formed in Corinth, Rome, etc and many great things came out of the “local church”. But these places were not meant to be the only place people went to worship, it was intended to set the standard. 

You might ask, “why is this so important”? Well, just look at the world around us. The “local church” has become a set of very precise mega-churches that pay their Senior Pastors more money than some third world countries make total! Does that sound like what God intended? People blame the politicians all the time about how bad things are, well I would argue that the Church is to blame. For all of our good intentions, WHERE ARE YOU? Where is your united stance against abortion? Where is your outcry that Jesus is the answer not suicide? I mean we are great posting it online or in our Sunday buildings but not so much where it matters; WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. When was the last time one of these pastors of these mega churches gave up their salaries to pay the rent of a whole community in need or maybe pick up the health care tab of a community in need? we wouldn’t even be having this health care discussion if the church was doing what God called His people to do. Treat others better than yourself!

Friends, this is just part one. I’m not sure how many parts there will be but there is a lot more where this came from. I don’t pretend to be the expert in all things. However, I have seen and experienced enough and it is time to call out and FIX the wrongs that the Church was done. It is time to truly be His hands and feet and start serving His people instead of ourselves….Part II coming soon…

Peace and Love,