David Fischer

GOOD MORNING everyone….

Well, this is Day 3 of the latest episode in which our family is being tested. Yesterday was really rough as my MIL had a really bad reaction to the medication that she was given. It was the worst “trip” I have ever seen someone on. I won’t share the details as they are really private to her but needless to say it was scary. This morning things are a little better as the drugs have worn off so at least for a little bit things have calmed down…..

My family has been through so much these last 3 years medically and otherwise that it would be real easy for us to just give up. Some of it has been self-induced and other things have just been life (the Enemy) throwing daggers at us. There has been another constant though and I would be remiss if I…

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Be Real

David Fischer

Psalms 139:23 -“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts”

GOOD SUNDAY Morning everyone. Here I am once again on the other side of Michigan visiting family and going to a Birthday party. Things are always interesting when we come over here to say the least so as always, SAY A PRAYER!

So LETS BE REAL today shall we? In the spirit of being real, let me point out a couple of things..

1. God knows what is in your heart before even you do… Make no mistake; nothing you are feeling is a mystery from God. He created you, molded you, and knows more about you than anyone ever could.

2. What is in your heart will always manifest out in some way… So often we try and put on this fake Christian mask for others but eventually, what is festering inside…

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Green Friday

David Fischer

Hello everyone! I pray that your Thanksgiving Day went well, you got to eat lots of good food, and most of all you spent some good quality time with your families. Although mine started out a little rocky, it ended up being a very good day with the family with minimal casualties. (JOKE; some don’t always get my humor)

So I titled this Green Friday because as I woke up and saw all the chaos going on out there I thought instead of giving it more glory than it deserves I would talk about how great this day can be! See for most of my adult life I worked in retail; a majority of that in management, so I am all too familiar with the hard work and preparation that goes into making this day a financial success for the industry. The concept itself isn’t bad for it is pouring…

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