Truth bombs by TobyMac! Be aware of the choices you make today..

In Christ,



Always remember that your sins are forgiven not on what YOU have done but instead all about what HE did! No works or religious practices can earn you favor with God; only the blood of Jesus did that…

Agape Love,


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. What a passage God has given us this morning; that He did indeed provide a way to be saved from the judgment to come.

Let us show others today that path through not only our words but our actions as well. Have a great day everyone!



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A Little Lighter Note


I know, I know. I have you probably totally confused why I am posting this. But, I thought a break from all the serious stuff for a minute to bring you the picture of my only Grand Daughter Emma. Isn’t she adorable??