Thank you!!

Good morning again and thank you!! Thank you because yesterday I had the most interaction on my blog since I started this in July. I know a lot of people get wrapped up in the numbers, but for me to think that 132 people decided to view and read my blog is amazing.

I hope that it is because what I have suspected may be in fact the truth. The truth that especially today we need to just SMILE and LAUGH. You have an Enemy that would have you think everything is awful and that there is no hope. The Truth is that we have a Savior that has provided exactly the opposite. Not that everything will be roses by any means but that with Him you have the ability to have HOPE and with that HOPE you can LAUGH and SMILE.

I don’t know too many situations that can’t be resolved with just a SMILE and some LAUGHTER. Instead of focusing on every little negative thing that happens to us, we can make the choice to SMILE and LAUGH. (Yes, I realize those two words are in caps, is the underlying psychology trick working?) haha

Anyway, thank you all again so much for your continued support and I hope today you remember how much God loves you and yes even He SMILES and LAUGHS when He looks upon you; His Wonderful Creation.

Peace, Grace, and SMILES,


Don’t Take It For Granted

Radically Saved

Good morning again! As promised, I am back! Had a nice breakfast with my bride and now have my coffee in hand and ready to type. The picture above is one that was taken nine days after I got home from surgery with Marcy and my Grandson Alan. He had Grandparents Day that day and surgery or not I was determined to be there. Love these two so much and it go me thinking about the topic for today; don’t take it for granted…..

As I said, this picture was taken nine days after coming home from my hip replacement surgery. Thinking back it is amazing the things I couldn’t do that I did take for granted such as:

1. Peeing!- Not sure if you all have been under or not but one of the things that happens is EVERYTHING shuts down. So the day of surgery after I woke…

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