Good Morning!

Good morning everyone and welcome to Saturday! Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days but it has been a bit of a crappy stretch for me health wise and just didn’t have it in me to write anything. I’m about 85% or so; still have the lingering cough and of course the hip issue (which I will get to in a minute) but overall feel like I’m at least on the right path again. Hope everyone is doing well out there and would love to hear from you guys. You can communicate to me through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course right here as well.

So, apparently I am officially mortal…..For those that don’t know a lot of my backstory, one of the more finer moments in my life happened when I thought it would be a great idea to not tackle other people but instead up the ante and try and tackle a car. Didn’t work out real well for either of us but I think the car probably got the worst of it lol. Seriously though I was getting off the city bus at the ripe old age of 14 and didn’t look both ways, darted out and BAM! Got flipped up in the air, somehow landed enough on my feet that I was able to walk about 20 yards before collapsing over a railing….I don’t remember much after that except for waking up in the hospital about 12 hours later not having any idea what happened. I was truly blessed that day because one half second either way in time and I would not be here writing this blog. God was in control even then….

I tell you this backdrop story of mine because I had thought that all my wounds had healed; not so much. See many people have told me I waddle rather than walk because one leg is shorter than the other. Really though its not my leg but my hip and back area got knocked pretty good and I never really got it taken care of; so now at the ripe old age of 46 its back and back with a vengeance…

Now, keep in mind my pain tolerance is pretty low, even for a guy, but this pain I knew was different so I went to doc about it. He did some X-rays and I got the call yesterday that I have some “very significant” arthritis in said hip and need to go to an Orthopedic specialist. I do understand this is not life threatening or anything like that, but it did give me my very first sense that “hey, goofball, you really won’t live forever”. It also reminded me of a very dark time in my life where by all rights I should have died that day. (Satan has been trying to take me out ever since). It reminds me that I’m over half way done with this crazy thing called life and my physical body will never be the same. Again, there are those in my life that are dealing with so much worse, but for me, this is a little bit of a sobering reminder of my mortality. Make sense?

I’m very aware that me losing weight couldn’t hurt the situation, however, I also know I would be dealing with this heavy or not. Back in the 80’s cars were still made with steel and so were not as forgiving as they may be today. This pain in my hip is that constant reminder; maybe the new doc will be able to help, maybe not, but as for me the first reminder that my days are not as many as they used to be just creeped up and said hello. Cute thing though that I will continue to remember as well that even though my earthly days are getting smaller, my eternal days are just around the corner. Maybe someone out there is also dealing with a similar experience? I would love to hear from you about it! Leave a comment in the comments section or however you see fit. In the meantime remember also that God is still in control and while the earth will reclaim your body, God has your eternal soul which if given to Him will live for all eternity where pain does not exist…..

Peace and love my friends, Happy Saturday!!


Good morning

Just a quick entry this morning. Mind is all over the place so I pray for clarity, direction, and peace.

Love and Blessings,


Our Way of Thinking


Good morning everyone! Thank you to those that are now following this blog; the idea that anyone would want to hear what I have to say on a daily basis really blows my mind. It is simply a testimony of God’s power and His love for us that He would use someone as wretched as me to help get His message across.

So I titled this Our Way of Thinking because I believe that this way must change; the way we think, how we think, and the process in which we do is the key to our walk with Jesus. I tried explaining this to my kids the other day and kind of got that “deer in the headlights” look but I think they get it and hopefully you will as well. See we all have a brain right? (Be careful how you answer that lol). Well, when we become believers in Christ and give our lives totally to Him, I believe that other than a normal bodily function, we need to stop using that brain to think and instead use the Holy Spirit. Look at the Scriptures, there are numerous ones throughout that discuss dying to self; that our old self is gone and instead it is Christ that lives within us. So, if our old self has died, then why would we continue to keep thinking with a part of our body that is sinful and in many respects “dead”? It’s real simple folks, we should stop thinking with our brains and start thinking with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Most of you are probably totally confused by this and thinking “how do I stop thinking with my brain?” Well, the answer may be simpler than you think. As a disciple of Christ, He has given us this power through His Holy Spirit! We no longer have to live by the constraints of our mortal selves but instead let His Spirit totally and in all things lead us and control our lives. It is only then, I believe, that we can live the lives the God has called us to live while we are here on this earth. Just as we should not base our actions on how we feel, we should also not base those actions on how WE think. Pray today that God would fully take over your lives and give you a glimpse of what is to come; put aside that sinful piece of meat in your skull and give control to the One that resides inside of you just waiting for your permission to take over. Peace and love to all!

In Christ,