Pride is where all of this mess started friends; whatever you are being prideful for today, stop it. You may think you are getting ahead but instead every day you are one step closer to destruction. Be Humble, David


Sorry folks, lots of posts today. Keeping the mind going... In times like these it's so easy to think God is somehow punishing us for something. He really isn't; someday we will understand but know today that through Christ He is preparing to make you stronger than ever. One day soon this fallen world will... Continue Reading →

Cancer Sucks

Good morning/afternoon/evening my friends. I won't waste any time because I have alot to express this morning and it will come to you in two parts. So, please stay with me through the first, I promise you won't leave discouraged.... So, as some of you know, my Bride's stepmom was diagnosed with Cancer about a... Continue Reading →

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