It’s Jesus Time

Good morning everyone! Welcome to Friday! I know that is has been a while since I have written in this blog. Needless to say 2020 has been a bit distracting. However, I was blessed enough to get a really nice laptop that my wife agreed to and so I am back with my first post... Continue Reading →


"Since choices often result in eternally significant consequences, we must choose in line with God’s principles."- Steven J. Cole Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend! I have a lot to put out here so lets get right to it shall we? One word before you keep reading though, there is a high degree of... Continue Reading →


Hey hey! So, I have a challenge for all of you. I want you to REALLY think about what the above statement means to you and post a comment below. Let's really be a community here and help each other out! To me it means simply to put Christ first in all we do and... Continue Reading →


Good Morning everyone. Thank you so much to everyone that has sent their prayers and well wishes as we continue to help support our family through this difficult time... So, in that Spirit, I am going to do something different this morning. For many of you this will be difficult because you don't like asking... Continue Reading →

Cancer Sucks

Good morning/afternoon/evening my friends. I won't waste any time because I have alot to express this morning and it will come to you in two parts. So, please stay with me through the first, I promise you won't leave discouraged.... So, as some of you know, my Bride's stepmom was diagnosed with Cancer about a... Continue Reading →

Thank you!

Good morning/afternoon everyone! Not a real deep message this morning but did want to say Thank You! I have only had this blog about two months now and I just went over 100 subs. This is amazing considering my writing is still kind of all over the place in what direction I want it to... Continue Reading →

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