Give my friend here some love and prayers please!

The Rendezvous Club

The more I feel empty, the more I’m afraid of myself, for I don’t know what’s going to fill that emptiness.


Hi guys I’m really sorry that I couldn’t read all your post, like comment etc on them. I’m really sorry, actually I’ve been feeling a lot empty and I’m kinda struggling too. I’ll definitely try and read all your posts as soon as I can. Hope you’re all fine.

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Cancer Still Sucks, But God Is Still Good

Good Morning everyone. They say that nothing good happens after 1 AM and at 2:20 this morning we found that to be true once again. My Bride's stepmom and warrior went to be with the Lord today ending her battle with Cancer.... As many of you have read before, I have gotten a first (and... Continue Reading →

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