We Have Arrived- March 23, 2018


Good Friday Morning everyone! Normally I would be working on a Friday but my Bride and I took a couple of days off to get some stuff done and to just unplug a bit. Thank you again for all your prayers as her back, while still has a long way to go, is headed in the right direction. At least we have an answer as to what is causing her pain, now we can focus on the treatment. My mouth is still recovering, but definitely in much better shape than before. So, medically anyway I believe we are headed in the right direction. Spiritually, well, we took a bit of a punch to the gut yesterday and in the following paragraphs I will explain why. Please note that there is no judgment coming from me, only observations and how it made me feel..nothing more. My place is to continue to love others and let God be the judge; that will never waiver. Know this though my friends, we have arrived….

Please keep in mind, this may or may not come across the way I want it to. Ever since this happened yesterday I have been in torment on how to proceed. I honestly felt a little like Peter. While I would never deny Jesus directly, I feel like sometimes our actions, or lack thereof, kinda do the same thing. So, if things come across a little vague, its not intended to be I just have to do the right thing but also in such a way where I have the ability to make the most impact…..

Anyway, a certain company (which I will not name here) launched a new advertising campaign. This campaign was launched with a 2.5 minute video that left me speechless. I will not be posting the video here as I refuse to give the Enemy more screen time than he deserves. If you want to see it, PM me and I will give you the link. So, I could talk about for hours everything that was wrong with this video, however, the part that rocked me to my core was when the following words were spoken..”Our Progress is our god“…..

I was so sickened by this..I just couldn’t believe that those words were spoken with such boldness and disregard for who heard them. I mean, in the past the Enemy would try and hide his mission but here….well…it couldn’t be any clearer. What made it even worse were the comments! People that I always thought were believers were PRAISING this action and encouraging more! Just typing this wants me to go take another shower….Hence you see why I put the golden calf up in the header; this company and these certain people supporting it, have declared with one voice, “we have only one god and that god is progress”. I can’t believe this day has come…..

Now you may ask, why is this so personal? Well, lets just say I have close ties with this company and leave it at that. My goal here is not necessarily to drag this company through the mud but to point out with even more certainty that our time is short. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. There is only ONE God and that is Jehovah God, no other! He nor His Son Jesus will stand for such blasphemy much longer…

Exodus 20:5- “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,”

Friends, it is time to make a decision. We simply do not have time to ride the fence on this anymore. You are either with God or against Him, end of story. I’m not talking about playing some legalistic game of following rules, I mean truly having a relationship with the Creator of the Universe that loves you beyond anything you can imagine. So much that He sent His only Son to pay the price that WE should have paid. This ad honestly reminds me of how I felt after watching Passion of the Christ. Like, in some way, I was again beating him with those chains, and once again nailing Him to that Cross. Ugh…again, my writing skills just can’t capture the essence of what I feel this morning…

The other thing is the complete disregard of this company in caring about who this might offend. It seems certain groups we coddle to and others, such as those that believe in God, get thrown to the trash with no concern at all on how we might feel. I guess though it goes back to my original point; we have arrived. We have arrived in the time where Moses went up to Mount Sinai and came back to discover the people of Israel had replaced God with a golden calf. This company has just thrown down the same gauntlet; that the only god that exists in their minds is progress. I for one am not! This message is just the beginning; with God leading the way, I want to expose ANYTHING or ANYONE that denies that God exists, and tries to replace Him with a golden calf. Not on my watch, how about you…..Do you deny Him today? Do you instead celebrate with the masses as the world raises its new god? As always, the choice is yours…..

Choose Wisely,