Land Of Confusion

✝️The Rebellion✝️

Well, hello all. It’s been a while….

So much going on in my life; I won’t begin to bore you with the details but suffice it to say things have been challenging to say the least since February. I stepped back from writing since then but yesterday I knew I had to, at least for today, write again…

Did you read my title? Does it not fit in the world we live in? Let me give you a brief recap in case you have been on a remote island somewhere and don’t have a clue..

1. COVID 19 has put the Spirit of fear in our world like never before.

2. The Fake News industry claims the President of the United States said to drink bleach and people are believing it.

3. You can go by a lottery ticket, and kill your unborn child, however you cannot go to church.

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Time Is Almost Up

How seriously do you take your eternal life? Is it something that you give any time to think about and its importance? Maybe your saying this morning, “I have my whole life to deal with that” or “There is no eternal life, I’m born, I die, that’s it” Well in both cases you would be extremely wrong. There is an eternal life that you will choose where to spend, and your time to choose is almost up….

I see a world around us that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. A world where killing a newborn baby is acceptable; a world where gender has no place; a world where the very church itself has become so corrupt and indistinguishable from the world that it no longer has any effect on the salvation of humanity (it has simply become a place to have our emotional fix and make us feel better); and finally a world where we have a second generation of people saying with bold voices, “God, we don’t want you in our nation or in our lives, WE GOT THIS” Well, folks, the clock is almost at midnight and I can assure you that you ain’t got this…not even close.

See Jesus’ promise of coming back is very real, so is your eternal destination. You will spend eternity after you die either in the presence of God Himself with the promise of no more pain, no more suffering, and a joy that cannot be described by human language. OR, you can choose to spend eternity in a very real place called Hell, where you will be all alone without God or anyone else, in a state of eternal torture that again can not be described with human language. God will provide justice to the sin that exists in the world which makes this place necessary, however, make no mistake it is YOU that makes the choice to go there. God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross of Calvary to take your place in the penalty box of sin. All we have to do is choose to give our lives to Him and start following His ways and not the ways of our selfish desires anymore.

Friends, not many are preaching this anymore and time is too short so lovingly you will hear more and more of this from me because I want each of you to join me in the same Paradise that the thief next to Jesus is in. Stop worshipping Trump, Peloski, insert political name here for they can’t do anything for you! They all play for the same evil team and this nation is falling for it. Instead, today worship the only one that can change this land and the people in it. Most of all He is the only one that can provide the peace that passes all understanding both here and in the life to come.

Which path this day will you choose……

Agape Love,


The Deception the World Craves


Hello everyone….

I welcome you to a world that needs its eyes opened; a world that has so much waiting for it but desires not to have it; a world that wants to be deceived….

Joshua 1:8– “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

I have come to a conclusion about the world today and it is not good. I used to think that people ultimately were craving to be good people and desired to be something bigger than themselves. I was wrong…..

People now are BEGGING to be deceived! They love to live against all of God’s plan and look for any way they can to avoid the Truth. So many “self-help” guru’s out there with the greatest of plans on how you can be successful and live a prosperous life but avoid the true way to do it. You think because you make 100k a year and have a beach house you are successful? Wrong, you have been deceived…And you love every minute of it.

I say deceived because if you truly knew what greatness was in store for you by giving yourself to Christ, you would run as far as you could from the things of this world, yet instead you cling onto these things like a baby does its mama. You try new skills; you cling on to your money and your ways, you pick and choose who you love, you hoard your earthly riches as if you could take them with you into eternity..oh you deceitful craving generation…

As I type this today I pray that your eyes would be opened; that God would do whatever is necessary to wake you up from the slumber of deception that you so crave every day. Right now the Enemy has you in chains, are you enjoying the slavery? Do you want true success and freedom? Give yourself to the Light, throw away the things of this world or suffer the result of your sinful cravings of deception.

As always the choice is yours.. chose wisely…your time is almost up….



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No Reason!

People will try anything to make abortion seem logical and moral. As someone that watched the soul of my mother (and my sibling) literally be ripped apart that day, there is NO reason EVER to KILL an unborn baby. NONE. I will not be afraid nor silent about this anymore…

For those that cannot fight for themselves….



RAY KROC is who I blame. Yes, the founder of our notorious McDonalds is who I blame for all of it. All of what you ask? Just look back at the title; Impatience!

Psalms 27:14- “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord..

Fast food is what started it all; then of course technology reached a new level and that is all it took. We have become slaves to speed and to heck with the results. I see this in my job all the time. People are in such a rush to get things done, that accuracy no longer matters. It’s all about how fast we can get it done and look amazing to others.

It’s not just at our jobs though, its in the rest of our lives as well. We rush to eat, we rush to work, we rush to bed, and sadly we even rush to God. I’m guilty of it, we all are.

Another example, how many minutes did you pray yesterday? There are 1440 minutes in each 24 hour day, how many of those minutes did you give to the One that Created, Saved, and Loves you more than anything? I can tell you I gave about 2 minutes; morning prayer that I do every day, then a couple of seconds here and there. Yet I gave work, 480 minutes. I watched TV last night from 7-10:30 so I gave TV 210 minutes. You starting to smell what I’m cooking?

Rush, rush rush…

The thing about all this rushing we are doing is that we are not living anymore. We are just passing through existence until one day it will all come to a screeching HALT. That chest will tighten for the last time, that headache will turn into something worse, that fight against cancer will finally overtake you. Then all of time will simply stop….What then? What at that exact moment will matter? One thing I can probably say that I would think of is, “Why didn’t I have more time?” God gives us plenty of time, we simply have stopped living it and living it the right way.

My friends, anyone can rush through life, however the Psalmist here tells us that to be patient is to be Brave and Courageous. Are those traits that you strive for? I can promise you that God has a plan for you and His plan is best carried out in HIS timing. Stop being in such a hurry for God has it all worked out! Or you can keep relying on McDonald’s and Technology to carry you to disaster.

As always, the choice is up to you; choose wisely….




GOOD SUNDAY to all of you! Still feeling under the weather today so I ask for your continued prayers for God’s timely healing. Not just for me but for my whole family that is under some sort of physical trial right now. Thank you!

My message is simple this morning; Victory.

As I had said yesterday, times can seem very dark. Dark to the point that you feel just like giving up; that the fight is just not worth it anymore. (Yes, even Christians can be tempted with suicide.) I have been there and those closest to me have been as well. Here is the thing that Satan doesn’t want us to remember, the war has already been won! It may seem like our Enemy may be winning battles along the way but really it is all for a purpose, a greater purpose. A purpose that we may never understand but one thing we can understand is that the war has already been won!

Jesus won the war over 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary; He won the war so we would not have to pay the price of our sins and so we could rely on Him for the battles ahead, Amen? So I plead to all of you reading this today that may feel as I have; that your life just isn’t worth the fight anymore; I plead to you to take on this one simple task….

Place your sword on the ground, fall to your knees, and let the power of Christ fight the rest of your battles for you. Give up YOUR efforts in fighting and let the Savior of all mankind intervene. I truly believe sometimes that is why we go through what we go through; so we will finally realize that we alone are powerless to fight; we MUST have our Savior leading the charge.

Are you willing to lay down your sword and exchange it for the power found in the Blood of Jesus Christ? You wont be sorry, I promise. I am laying down mine…comment below on if you have made that decision as well my friends..