No Reason!

People will try anything to make abortion seem logical and moral. As someone that watched the soul of my mother (and my sibling) literally be ripped apart that day, there is NO reason EVER to KILL an unborn baby. NONE. I will not be afraid nor silent about this anymore…

For those that cannot fight for themselves….




RAY KROC is who I blame. Yes, the founder of our notorious McDonalds is who I blame for all of it. All of what you ask? Just look back at the title; Impatience!

Psalms 27:14- “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord..

Fast food is what started it all; then of course technology reached a new level and that is all it took. We have become slaves to speed and to heck with the results. I see this in my job all the time. People are in such a rush to get things done, that accuracy no longer matters. It’s all about how fast we can get it done and look amazing to others.

It’s not just at our jobs though, its in the rest of our lives as well. We rush to eat, we rush to work, we rush to bed, and sadly we even rush to God. I’m guilty of it, we all are.

Another example, how many minutes did you pray yesterday? There are 1440 minutes in each 24 hour day, how many of those minutes did you give to the One that Created, Saved, and Loves you more than anything? I can tell you I gave about 2 minutes; morning prayer that I do every day, then a couple of seconds here and there. Yet I gave work, 480 minutes. I watched TV last night from 7-10:30 so I gave TV 210 minutes. You starting to smell what I’m cooking?

Rush, rush rush…

The thing about all this rushing we are doing is that we are not living anymore. We are just passing through existence until one day it will all come to a screeching HALT. That chest will tighten for the last time, that headache will turn into something worse, that fight against cancer will finally overtake you. Then all of time will simply stop….What then? What at that exact moment will matter? One thing I can probably say that I would think of is, “Why didn’t I have more time?” God gives us plenty of time, we simply have stopped living it and living it the right way.

My friends, anyone can rush through life, however the Psalmist here tells us that to be patient is to be Brave and Courageous. Are those traits that you strive for? I can promise you that God has a plan for you and His plan is best carried out in HIS timing. Stop being in such a hurry for God has it all worked out! Or you can keep relying on McDonald’s and Technology to carry you to disaster.

As always, the choice is up to you; choose wisely….




GOOD SUNDAY to all of you! Still feeling under the weather today so I ask for your continued prayers for God’s timely healing. Not just for me but for my whole family that is under some sort of physical trial right now. Thank you!

My message is simple this morning; Victory.

As I had said yesterday, times can seem very dark. Dark to the point that you feel just like giving up; that the fight is just not worth it anymore. (Yes, even Christians can be tempted with suicide.) I have been there and those closest to me have been as well. Here is the thing that Satan doesn’t want us to remember, the war has already been won! It may seem like our Enemy may be winning battles along the way but really it is all for a purpose, a greater purpose. A purpose that we may never understand but one thing we can understand is that the war has already been won!

Jesus won the war over 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary; He won the war so we would not have to pay the price of our sins and so we could rely on Him for the battles ahead, Amen? So I plead to all of you reading this today that may feel as I have; that your life just isn’t worth the fight anymore; I plead to you to take on this one simple task….

Place your sword on the ground, fall to your knees, and let the power of Christ fight the rest of your battles for you. Give up YOUR efforts in fighting and let the Savior of all mankind intervene. I truly believe sometimes that is why we go through what we go through; so we will finally realize that we alone are powerless to fight; we MUST have our Savior leading the charge.

Are you willing to lay down your sword and exchange it for the power found in the Blood of Jesus Christ? You wont be sorry, I promise. I am laying down mine…comment below on if you have made that decision as well my friends..




I feel my Enemy all around me;

The darkness is closing in;

Like quicksand in the desert

I fear I see the end.

Jesus my Lord where are you?

Alone with my thoughts I sit.

In the Enemy’s grasp I find myself,

Being pulled into a fiery pit.


A COUPLE of disclaimers first…

1. My Mother in Law is in the hospital from where I am typing this message.

2. She came in last night so I did not get to sleep until 4am and was back up here at 12 PM.

I give those disclaimers because my words may be all over the place so forgive me in advance…..

As I sit here and watch what my Mother in Law go through what she is going through, it is like a slap in the face reality check of just how frail our bodies really are. A week ago she was pretty good; today she can’t put a whole sentence together and may have a heart infection. Just like that the world does a 180 and here we are.

Must be something in the air because I myself have not felt quite right this week; almost passed out once and just have had this foreboding feeling that something is not right. Spiritual? Maybe; if it is though its manifesting itself physical which is an interesting twist in events.

Something is definitely off though; even the nurse that just came in said, “You just don’t know who or what to trust anymore”; such a sad world that now exists..A world without morals, a world without direction, and a world hanging on to itself for dear life. A world just wanting answers; answers we as believers should be giving them.

I used to have hope; hope that at some point things would change…I still know in my heart that God has already won the war but right now I feel like my head and body are swimming against a current that will engulf me at any second.

Please keep our family in our prayers; especially my Mother in Law whose immediate situation is still fluid to say the least…..