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Radically Saved

With Jesus=Great things and unlimited possibilities

Without Jesus=Nothing but struggles and frustration

Which sounds like a better way?

How many Amens can I get this morning?


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Let It Go!

let it go1

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! This get your attention? I know it can be annoying but Frozen is one of my favorite all time Disney movies and honestly can’t wait to see the upcoming Broadway version. So many positive messages in this movie along with some God inspired vocals for sure. The Frozen “Let it Go” is not what this message is about however so get ready to really Let it Go!

Colossians 3:15  “And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

So often in our lives we deal with daily struggles and with that we are always looking for a way out of those struggles. Health issues, job issues, just every day life issues are always disrupting us and preventing us from having peace. More than anything worrying picks us up in the air and face-palms us right into the ground, But what I find fascinating is that the resource for escaping all of this is right in front of us yet we avoid it like the plague; Jesus.

You see when we make Jesus our Savior, like the passage above says, He gives us a peace inside of us that we can tap into whenever we need it. We have died to our former selves and now have become a “new creation” in Christ Jesus! Yet, we continue to look for earthly ways to obtain that peace and then wonder why we always struggle.

I often hear that its not easy to do; of course it isn’t! You have an Enemy who hates the very fiber of your existence who is always whispering that you have no hope! But the devil is a liar and so are those words! No earthly words, preaching, or advice can give you what the peace of Jesus Christ can, NOTHING! Yet we turn to “experts” on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, yes even WordPress before we go to the only One that can give us what we desire so greatly.

Friends, as a Christ follower you have two choices here; One- you continue to live for the world and live a life of worry, struggle, depression, and frustration. Or two- You place ALL of the worry, struggle, depression, and frustration in your life and give it to Jesus where He will replace that with a peace beyond understanding. I told my middle son the other day that I honestly fear nothing anymore and its true! I struggle still yes but with God in my life, what do I need to fear? Fear this decaying peace of meat that is only a vessel to get around this planet? Nothing can destroy the real me that is inside and that God will always protect.

Today everyone, just LET IT GO! Break the chains of worry, fear, and frustration and watch Jesus change your life!

In Christ,


Something Different

Good Sunday Morning everyone! Hope you had a great Saturday and got to spend some quality time with family and friends. Today’s post will be a little different than usual because its about an experience I had last night. Bear with me as I put this together….

So, in full transparency you should know that I am not one of those Christians that believe drinking is a sin. I believe for everyone the situation is different and effects people different ways. The motivation also plays a huge role; if you are drinking to ease the pain instead of going to God then yes its a problem. With that said, if I have a Blue Moon on some night, I don’t think God puts that high on His priority list…The Bible says not to get drunk and I don’t. (Let’s actually follow what Scripture says.)

So, my Bride and I went to Applebees for dinner with some family that came into town for the weekend. Again in full transparency, I had a mixed drink and said Blue Moon but was not drunk or even “tipsy”. So we can all put our judgmental hats off shall we? Anyways, its been a long week for everyone so it was our way of blowing off some steam with a nice dinner and a COUPLE of drinks.

Well, the music was playing quite loud and they were playing some great songs that put us in a singing and dancing mood. Heck, we even had some nice older gentleman come up to us and tell us how much he enjoyed our signing and our vibe. (Signing wasn’t good, but fun.) We even had the employees dancing around and one of them was like heck if you guys are going to dance around so am I. (And by dance I mean sitting in our chairs.)

Ok so here is where the “meat” of my story comes in. We go to get up and some song with a good beat came on and I started to do a “dance” with my Bride. Well, apparently the judgmental eyes of some skinny, made up woman behind us at the bar was rolling her eyes at me and making comments to the person next to her. Well, my Bride just gave her a stare down and she stopped. I’m like, whats the matter? So she told me and I felt bad because apparently this 300+ guy was an embarrassment to that person at the bar.

Normally I wouldn’t have let it bother me because my family and I were having some well deserved fun but this was the first time I felt the judgmental eyes of someone clearly because of my weight. I say that because I guarantee if I was a skinny guy with a six pack that lady would have had no problem with my “dancing”. This leads me to this point…

I hear all the time from people that we just need to stop judging and LOVE everyone. What kind of LOVE was shown by that lady last night? I get it, I’m fat and getting old and this is not a body that is attracting lines of people. (neither would I want it to because I am very happily married), but seriously are we that shallow? Does the LOVE mantra only apply to the skinny and those that fit within certain peoples bubble?

I didn’t let it effect the rest of my night; in fact I came home and my niece and I did quite the rendition of Frozen’s Let it Go! ( For a small fee I might let you view it, haha). But it did hurt that someone used something as simple as an eye roll and a whisper to place the fire of judgment upon me. Hey, fat people can have fun too right? I am working on it but still…..

Moral today? Have the love of Christ and don’t judge others based on ANYTHING; specifically their outward appearance. You never know the fun you may be missing!

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for reading.