8 Weeks

Good morning friends! Hope you enjoyed my “one off” yesterday as I put on my sports writer hat. Going into the new year you will probably see a little more of that type of thing as I try to become a better overall writer. My mission is still the same, to remove the veil of deception from the minds and hearts of others, but what I have found is that can be done in many different ways. In any case, thank you for your support and the awesome comments that I have received.

So other day I totally missed that I passed my eight week mark since my hip replacement surgery. It has been a heck of a journey and while there have been hiccups along the way I do not regret in anyway getting it done. The pain I am in now is nothing compared to what it was before the surgery. There are some after effects to this no doubt, but I have been assured that they will soon go away and all will be great. In fact, in just 3 weeks I will be going back to work to once again annoy the heck out of my co-workers.

I go back to work on January 2 and along with that comes Phase 2 of my transformation. As most of you know I am a heavy man. At one point I was all the way up to 400 pounds. Obesity runs in my family so its always been a struggle but 400 pounds? Ouch! Since that point I have lost some weight; the last time I was at the doctor I chimed in at 368 so I am on the right path. Now, with my titanium hip in place, the pounds HAVE to come off; I simply have no choice if I want this hip to last the full 30 years that it needs to. I will probably go back to a version of the low-carb diet I was on before but Phase 2 WILL be a success. In fact, I have short term goal of walking a 2k in the spring to fully test this hip and get things going.

So, that is where I am at after eight weeks. Thank you all again for your prayers and support as get ever closer to the full transformation that I know I have to have. Remember, SMILE and LAUGH!!!

Peace and Grace,





Hello everyone and welcome to Monday. I bet you are wondering why I have Kylo Ren on the screen first thing (you do know who Kylo Ren is don’t you?) I have him on the screen because after yesterday this is the way I am feeling. Yes the Dolphins lost but its not like they were going undefeated anyways so go ahead and get the crap game out of the way and let’s move forward. No, I feel like this because, and I hope I’m wrong, I feel like the last refuge I had from reality was stripped away from me right before my eyes…..

So I know not everyone feels this way about sports, but for me football and Sunday have always been the one thing I could look forward to every week throughout the season that no matter what was going on in the world I could look to for solace. A day that I could let loose of my emotions and cheer on the team I love (and watch others as well). Yesterday I felt as if that was lost because of all the coverage of the kneeling (or standing, or exercising or staying in the locker room or insert method of protest here).

Now listen closely, I get it! I grew up in a Jewish household so I can be the first to tell you how discrimination works based on race, religion, or lifestyle. I would hazard to say that in most parts of the world, my heritage is the most hated one on the planet so I know all too well about the frustration the Black and Hispanic communities feel. Also, because we live in America, people have the right to peacefully protest however they want; that is why the military continues to make these sacrifices so even people we disagree with can have the freedom to speak their minds without fear of being thrown into a lion’s den.

The point this morning is not to argue whether the players should be standing or not, the point is that the Enemy has found yet another way to divide us. I respect the office of the President but he has allowed the evil one to divide our country in every way possible and now my Sunday freedom from reality may be gone as well. I get the players are mad, they should be! Their leader just called them a “son of a bitch”; I would be pissed as well and would want to make a statement, however it consumed the WHOLE DAY. No one was even talking about the games themselves even after it was over. I mean, my Fins got their butts handed to them by a team we should have destroyed and all the media was doing was asking the players how they were going to protest next week. WHO CARES? Not on this day, not on the day that we look to sports for a release of the ugliness of the world. Not on the day where we normally all come together to unite for our teams, not to divide us which is exactly what is happening….


Friends, again, please don’t get me wrong I am ALL for peaceful protest and racism does not take a day off, I also get that. We live in a country where everyone should be treated equally and we are not. We need to get our head out of the sand on that one folks. Just because a black athlete is getting paid millions of dollars a year, does not mean that all of a sudden racism went away. However, at least from this person’s perspective, can we have our day back? Can we get our day of release and unity and fun back? Do we not have enough days throughout the week to cause division? Hopefully we can and for this writer we can get back to football….

Peace, Truth, and Love,


Inner Circle


Good morning friends! Sunday has arrived and no matter what you are doing this morning I am glad that you have taken a few minutes to stop and read my blog. Before I get into the “meat” of my post I just wanted to say thank you! Yesterday I received the highest amount of views and likes I have gotten since I started this journey back in July. The numbers are not what matters, but it shows that more people are taking in my message of hope and truth which is why I am doing this in the first place; so thank you again and please continue to share this blog with any of those you think might need to hear it. Now, onward! 🙂

Inner Circle; what does that mean to you? For mean it means a core of people in your life that you know will never let you down; as much as possible. These people may make up your family, friends, co-workers, etc, you get the point. These would be people that you can trust, and that genuinely care about you as well. Why am I talking about this today? Because I think it is important to understand who and how many people we are entrusting to be in our inner circle. I think it is important because if we depend on too many people, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and loss. The simple fact is that not everyone should be in your inner circle. As always, lets look at the Example of Examples; Jesus!

Easy Bible question here; how many disciples did Jesus have? (insert Jeopardy music here)…. If you said twelve you would be correct! So what we have is the Son of the Living God chose only twelve people to be in His most inner circle. Of those twelve, one turned Him in to the Romans, one continuously doubted Him, and one even denied Him. So even Jesus had to deal with people closest to Him that did not always have His best interest at heart. Point? In this age of technology, we have access to the lives of so many people and vice versa, we have gotten to the point that if someone is not “friends” with us on Facebook, we get genuinely hurt. Friends, we have to stop and keep only those that have those attributes above closest to us. We spend so much energy and time on folks that really could care less and not enough time on the people that really do. I’m not saying we shut people out of our lives but for the ones outside of our inner circle, we need to stop giving them the power to hurt and influence our lives. There are those around us that will love and care for us no matter what; give that energy to them.

Friends, the honest Truth is that at one point or another everyone will let us down, that is just the nature of the sinful world we live in; but the Bible says we need to be around our brethren which does not mean just within the four walls of a church building; it means in our daily walk we should keep those closest to us that TRULY care and TRULY love us for who and what we are and what we will be. The Enemy always likes to keep us distracted; do what Jesus did and make it simple, who are your twelve? Have a great Sunday my friends and as always feel free to give me a shout out at damar19911996@gmail.com. Peace!

Love, Truth, Respect,