It’s Going To Be Biblical!

Well hello everyone! It's been a while! Not sure how many will even be reading this as suffice it to say I have not been consistently writing anymore. I have been focusing alot on my YouTube ministry and just life in general. So, if you are still here....THANK YOU! I promise to try and be... Continue Reading →

Almost Time..

Well, did that get your attention? I always look for someone's artwork that is a little on the edgy side to illustrate a point. Kudos to Will Hughes 3D artwork this morning for providing that....So why did I use such an image? Well, its because I feel it shows the state of the world right... Continue Reading →


James 1:20-“For the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God”. I think we all could learn from this passage. God does not want or need us to be forceful and angry with people concerning the Gospel but instead with love and meekness. Agape Love, David

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