Why I’m Leaving Social Media- I’m BACK!

Hello Again! (For those still following me on this blog) If you are new here, WELCOME. I have had this blog for a couple of years and for a while was very consistent writing into it. Then I got distracted....by Social Media. Before I knew it I found myself with over 25,000 Followers on Twitter... Continue Reading →

Let It Go!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! This get your attention? I know it can be annoying but Frozen is one of my favorite all time Disney movies and honestly can't wait to see the upcoming Broadway version. So many positive messages in this movie along with some God inspired vocals for sure. The Frozen "Let it... Continue Reading →

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to the weekend! I hope you all enjoyed my first blog post back yesterday. It really is good writing again and I hope to hear from each of you soon. Today we are in the book of Psalms. A passage that I know challenges me; how about you? Waiting is... Continue Reading →

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