Dolphins Win!!

Good morning! My boys shocked the world last night!! Stay tuned for my post on this and other interesting takes on the state of sports in my hometown. Something different? You bet! Full of SMILES and LAUGHS today!



Coming Tomorrow

Coming tomorrow something totally different. For you sports fans you will definitely want to check out my blog post.



Why Argue?

Good Sunday to everyone! Up nice and early for me on a Sunday and for one reason only, MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL!! How many UK peeps do I have out there? Hopefully your supporting my Fins and not those Saints! You all always make the Dolphins feel right at home and I know they appreciate it; maybe soon London will have their own NFL franchise. 🙂 But I digress; question for you all this morning…why do we have to argue??

In today’s world we just cant seem to get away from arguing and insulting those that share a different opinion than us. You know its ok that we don’t all view things the same way right? For instance, some guy on Twitter couldn’t even have a football conversation without it turning to insults. I had expressed that the hit given by the Chicago Bears player deserved more than a two game suspension. To me the hit was clearly intended to severely hurt the other player (in the head) who had to be airlifted to the hospital. He is ok (for now) but I was of the opinion that he deserved more than a two game suspsension. Well Mr. Happy Pants disagreed and said I had an “idiotic way of thinking” on the subject. Really? So is that your best defense to a topic is to name call the other person? I just don’t get it. So I quickly ended the conversation (because the Bible says something about arguing with fools) and told him to have a nice day. He kept on anyway to which point I muted him. But, the point is still out there; why must we resort to name calling and insults when we have a conversation with someone that shares a different viewpoint than us?

It has been going on since Jesus’ day but I always hear how we must be more “tolerant” of people and their ways. Does that mean only people that agree with YOU? I think what some are really wanting is a dictatorship not free expression of thought and ideas. Make no mistake, this comes from all sides; not just the liberals, conservatives, you are just as bad with this. We must be able to have a civilized conversation without it turning to insults. Any two year old can throw a fit and name call; is that what we have become? A world of overgrown two year olds? What say you? In between the football games, let me know your thoughts! Have a great Sunday and Go Fins!!

Peace, Love, and Truth,


P.S. Oh I almost forgot, yesterday a new record was set for views on this blog; 78!! That is incredible for me, plus six new people joined us on our journey. Just had to thank you all and let’s keep it going! Please share this blog on your Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thank you!!!



Hello everyone and welcome to Monday. I bet you are wondering why I have Kylo Ren on the screen first thing (you do know who Kylo Ren is don’t you?) I have him on the screen because after yesterday this is the way I am feeling. Yes the Dolphins lost but its not like they were going undefeated anyways so go ahead and get the crap game out of the way and let’s move forward. No, I feel like this because, and I hope I’m wrong, I feel like the last refuge I had from reality was stripped away from me right before my eyes…..

So I know not everyone feels this way about sports, but for me football and Sunday have always been the one thing I could look forward to every week throughout the season that no matter what was going on in the world I could look to for solace. A day that I could let loose of my emotions and cheer on the team I love (and watch others as well). Yesterday I felt as if that was lost because of all the coverage of the kneeling (or standing, or exercising or staying in the locker room or insert method of protest here).

Now listen closely, I get it! I grew up in a Jewish household so I can be the first to tell you how discrimination works based on race, religion, or lifestyle. I would hazard to say that in most parts of the world, my heritage is the most hated one on the planet so I know all too well about the frustration the Black and Hispanic communities feel. Also, because we live in America, people have the right to peacefully protest however they want; that is why the military continues to make these sacrifices so even people we disagree with can have the freedom to speak their minds without fear of being thrown into a lion’s den.

The point this morning is not to argue whether the players should be standing or not, the point is that the Enemy has found yet another way to divide us. I respect the office of the President but he has allowed the evil one to divide our country in every way possible and now my Sunday freedom from reality may be gone as well. I get the players are mad, they should be! Their leader just called them a “son of a bitch”; I would be pissed as well and would want to make a statement, however it consumed the WHOLE DAY. No one was even talking about the games themselves even after it was over. I mean, my Fins got their butts handed to them by a team we should have destroyed and all the media was doing was asking the players how they were going to protest next week. WHO CARES? Not on this day, not on the day that we look to sports for a release of the ugliness of the world. Not on the day where we normally all come together to unite for our teams, not to divide us which is exactly what is happening….


Friends, again, please don’t get me wrong I am ALL for peaceful protest and racism does not take a day off, I also get that. We live in a country where everyone should be treated equally and we are not. We need to get our head out of the sand on that one folks. Just because a black athlete is getting paid millions of dollars a year, does not mean that all of a sudden racism went away. However, at least from this person’s perspective, can we have our day back? Can we get our day of release and unity and fun back? Do we not have enough days throughout the week to cause division? Hopefully we can and for this writer we can get back to football….

Peace, Truth, and Love,




Good morning everyone and welcome to Monday! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and is up and at em for this new week. I had a perfect weekend in that my youngest son got married, my Gators won, and to top it all off my beloved Dolphins start 1-0 for the first time in I don’t know how long. So, very good weekend indeed and as we start a new week, I thought this passage out of Isaiah was very fitting as a new set of challenges is upon us…

This week my bride goes in for an injection into her back to try and give her some relief from the horrible pain she has been in due to her bulging discs. It can be a scary endevour, but as with all things God is right there with her. Also her stepmother goes in for another hard round of chemo this Wednesday which will be a five hour event; hopefully this will start reversing the course of this horrible cancer that is attacking her body. Then of course we are about 25 days and counting for my hip replacement surgery which is so needed so I can start to have a good quality of life again…

So, as you can see, God placed this passage to me at the perfect time for our family. With God in our lives we have nothing to fear for He is in perfect control, amen? Is there something going on in your life that we can keep you in our prayers about? If so, please comment in the above comment section. I would love to hear from you..

Have a great day my friends and remember; take a small step towards Truth today. 😉

Peace and Love,


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Good Morning!


Good morning everyone! For us football fans is this not the greatest day of the year? The day where no longer we must solely pass the time away with Hallmark movies and predictable reality shows but instead the first REAL football game!!! Now granted, my Fins have the week off now but still, its FOOTBALL time!! (No deceiving here folks!)

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Again friends, I don’t do this very often but I do need a venue for my mission here and any help I can get in achieving that is much appreciated. With all of this said, our continued prayers for the folks in Texas still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and those that are currently and will be soon be effecting by Hurricane Irma. some of the pictures coming back from the islands are just horrifying…..So if you have been put under an evacuation order; DO IT. You don’t just ride out one of these friends. Despite what some may think, there are only handful of buildings that can withstand Cat 5 winds (currently 180 mph with 220 gusts) and chances are your not in one of them. So be safe and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

Peace and Love,