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Good morning again friends! Back as promised with coffee in hand and hopefully a positive message. First of all though I wonder how many married couples can feel what my Bride and I feel…..We share EVERYTHING!

When I get sick, she gets sick. She has major back issues, I got major hip and knee issues. Now, she has had really bad Charlie Horses and guess what wakes up yours truly in the middle of the night? I mean its clear that we are soulmates no doubt but do we have to share EVERYTHING? God does have a sense of humor for real! Ok, now on to the business at hand.

I named this blog Removing the Veil because I have always felt that there is a veil of secrecy and lies that mask people to the Truth and prevent them from truly coming to Christ. I still feel that way more than ever and because of that my mission has changed a bit from this being just a blog to a full blown ministry assault on the Enemy. With Christ at the front, I want to bring His Truth to others in such a powerful yet loving way that they will feel desperate without Him. Which brings me to the title of this message; Unity.

We live in such a divisive world right now it just breaks my heart. Alot of the stories you hear are made up solely to cause even more division, however, many of them are true and you can see it every day, everywhere. I hate to say it but much of it comes right from, yep you guessed it, us as believers. We too often like to single people out based on socioeconomic status, how one dresses, how one lives, and my favorite one which version of the Bible you read. God has called us to love EVERYONE regardless of ANYTHING.

Folks, we are entering a very exciting yet dangerous time in the world. Christ WILL be coming back soon and the question you have to ask yourself today is; will you be proud of the mission God has given you to love others more than yourself or will you be ashamed because you will know that you put only yourself first and caused more division than unity. There are souls out there that are dying because of hate and division, we have to do more my friends; we just have to….

If you have never given your heart and life to Jesus, I implore you to do so now. Our time is so short and tomorrow is never guaranteed. If you have, lets get back down to basics! No matter what you feel God has given you to do on this Earth, I assure you there is no greater mission than simply loving ALL others. God will sort out the rest. You and I are no better than anyone else so lets get to it shall we? Let us Remove that Veil and show the world a love that passes all understanding! Show them the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Amen?

Love to all of you,



Good Sunday morning my friends. Hope you all had a great Saturday and where able to get some rest and yes even some peace. Peace….

We all search for it and seemingly spend all our lives in the pursuit of it. Some try to find it in money, jobs, sex, drugs, you name it, we are willing to do whatever it takes to find some sort of peace in our lives. The funny thing is that peace is just within reach if you are truly willing to take it….

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.”-Psalm 29:11

I’m not taking about some religious practices you do daily that will take you to some kind of nirvana, I’m talking about the Creator of the Universe taking a hold of your stress and your worry and replacing them with a peace that passes all understanding. A peace that can only be achieved by honestly and truly giving your life to Jesus and with that putting all your cares and worries at the foot of the Cross.

I talked yesterday about un-complicating the message of Jesus; this subject is no different. You want peace? Give it to God; you want more strife, worry and depression? Keep giving your time and devotion to the things of this world. Its your choice; what this day will you do? Have a blessed day my friends…




Happy Saturday!


As promised, albeit a little later than I would have liked, I’m here! For the first time in forever, some great friends of ours came over and we were able to break bread and have some nice conversation. Said conversation happened until 1:30 AM but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Its been a minute since my Bride and I have had some adult interaction that wasn’t our kids. We really need more time like that to continue to grow in the ways that the Lord wants us too. So, anyway, here I am and can you guess what I am writing about today? “Don’t Make It Complicated”

I have learned many things in my spiritual journey; starting growing up in the Jewish faith to realizing that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind. One thing has remained very consistent however and that is we try and make this spiritual journey so difficult. Long ago there was also a group of religious people that made that same mistake; the Pharisees. They thought that following a bunch of legalistic (and mostly made up) rules would get you closer to God and earn His favor. WRONG.

Today we make the same mistake except its packaged a little differently. We know all the right words to say, the right music to play, the right way to pray, and the right coffee to serve to guests. At the end though none of that matters to God; what matters is that you accept His free gift of salvation through His only Son Jesus Christ, and that you turn away (repent) from that former life.

Yes there are things you can do to make that journey easier and make you FEEL better but usually those are traps that the Enemy sets to make you fall. God made it so easy that even a caveman could do it….Let us stop being the Pharisees and just follow our Savior how He has drawn it up! He has told us so many times to give it all to Him right? Well if we have given it all to Him then guess what? The only thing on our hearts that is left is to follow Him and live by His teachings. The things of this world will no longer matter and your eyes and hearts will explode with joy and clarity like never before.

Friends, I’m right there with ya in this journey. Let’s just not make that journey more complicated than it needs to be. Let us BELIEVE and have FAITH and of course SMILE! Love to all and have a great Saturday!






This isn’t to say we can’t pray at ALL in other ways but here is an interesting perspective on how we really should pray…

Matthew 6:7-13

 “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.  Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

 “This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”



As Promised!

Good morning again everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous Saturday and are getting ready to enjoy another awesome day. In my previous post I said that I spent a portion of the day having an interesting conversation with my oldest son. I won’t get into all of the details in this post but instead spread it out over a few days. Not everything I can mention here, but as always I will try and be as transparent as possible. 🙂

I have always had a passion to help others, never so much as a few years ago when we lived in Florida. I was on the tail end of my retail career and serving with my bride in a fantastic church that put us in a place with God we had never experienced before. I was the Youth Pastor there and even though I had never done anything like that before I knew I was right where God wanted me to be; things had never been clearer. Then, BAM!

One day God had truly spoken to us about leaving our comfort zone and moving all the way up to Michigan. (There is another part of that story but for another time.) So, after much hesitation, we made the leap and did as God requested. We for the longest time could not wrap our minds around why God had brought us to this little town of Coloma, MI. It couldn’t be more different than the place we left both physically and spiritually. Alas, here we were….

Well, as it turns out the main reason wound up being for our kids. They met their future wives and my oldest has even given us two beautiful Grandchildren. Here is where the conversation last night comes in….For a while in my career I have honestly been unhappy. As I have said before, my passion is to help others in a life changing way, a way that can only come through Christ. So much a passion of mine it is that the happiest I have been in a long time is when I got the privilege of being able to preach a message to over thirty kids at a campground in which many of them received Christ as their Savior. It brought more joy to me than any “work” I have ever done. It was at that point I knew God was calling me to preach; not just any message, but a special one…. (Heck, God even gave my a vision of the church He would have me build…..)

After that day, things kinda fell apart and so I threw myself back into my work and have fallen off the spiritual wagon to say the least. So yesterday my son and I were talking and he told me, “How many times does God have to slap you in the face for what He wants you to do?” Well, quite a few apparently because ever since that day I have been trying to fill that spiritual void with different jobs and to no surprise it just hasn’t worked. So, where do I go from here??

Well, as he also said, before the path back to that can open I need to get my house right. I have allowed alot of things to enter our lives that are not Godly at all. Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to go back down the path of a legalistic Christian, but at the same time there are things I know are wrong that need to be addressed before my passion can be realized. I don’t know if this makes any sense but let me try and wrap it all up here….

If you are a child of God, there is nowhere you can run that eventually He won’t get your attention in some way. He has let me do “my thing” for a while but through my oldest son He has gotten my attention back. When God calls us to do something, we have a choice to do it or not. However, if we don’t, our lives will never be what we want. We will always be searching for something to fill the void that can only be filled by what God has in store for us. So, its time to get “my house” in order. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. I can’t be afraid of being a hypocrite any longer; time is just too short and there are souls that are longing for His message. Who am I to not be part of that plan that my Creator has set out? Stay tuned my friends….



What Are You Going to Do?- June 29, 2014


Good afternoon everyone and for the second time today I will try and write this post. I spent 20 minutes writing the original and somehow it didn’t take. Well, as usual the Enemy has lost and I will post it a second time. 🙂 Disclaimer; this post will not be holding back so if you are not one that takes kindly to accountability, you might want to stop reading right about now…..

First of all, let me tell you all that I include myself in everything that I am about to write. I am 42 years old and for the most part have stayed quiet on these things for WAY too long. I felt led yesterday to do some research on how life was in the 40’s and 50’s. Now, not everything was as perfect as “Leave it to Beaver” would have us think but nonetheless, I was amazed at just how far we have fallen as a country and as a people. Everything from taking God out of our daily lives to the 1.2 million children slaughtered every year by abortion, our country now resembles nothing like it did when it was founded and apparently that is ok. Why do you say that David? Well, its almost comical because I see plenty of Abortion activists, plenty of Atheists protesting this and that, which is all fine because we are supposed to be a free country where we can express our beliefs how we see fit. The problem is what I don’t see. I don’t see churches uniting against un-biblical practices such as abortion, men having 5 or 6 wives, you name it, the church has fallen deaf on everything. Why? Well here are a few reasons as I see it…

1. We are too worried about being politically correct; we are so afraid of “judging” or even appearing as mean-spirited that we simply don’t say anything. By the way folks, have you ever read any of the New Testament? Do you think for a second that Jesus, Paul, or any of the disciples and early believers ever hesitated for a second to “lay it on” the church in a region if they started to backslide or allow things to go on that were unacceptable in the eyes of God? No, you know what we do? We allow sick, stupid groups like the Westboro Church, and I use that term very sarcastically, to speak for us. Really??

2. We have simply gotten too comfortable where we are: Folks we say we care about the principles of Christ, but how exactly are we showing them? How exactly are we doing that when we spend all of our time in the four walls of the church building, on Facebook, on Twitter, or playing those wonderful video games. Let me say this from someone who is very skeptical of most churches; posting your beliefs on Facebook and then being silent in the real world is comforting no one. Going to church every Sunday and Wed night makes you a believer about as much as the Enemy knowing Scripture makes him a believer. If we simply sit by and raise our hands to God on Sunday morning, yet do nothing for His people the rest of the week, you are just as much of a false believer as Judas was….

3. We don’t think one person can make a difference; think one person can’t make a difference? Just ask the creator of Facebook that question. Just ask the person that started Google. Think they haven’t made a difference? Where is the next Billy Graham? Are we really content with the Sunday/Wed routine that we are also content to let our country and more importantly each other’s souls go straight to hell?

Look folks, there is evil in the world there always has been and always will until our Lord comes again. In the meantime, what are we going to do? Are we going to moan and complain about our government and discussing conspiracy stories all day? Or are we going to make a real difference for Christ, for our country, and for our world? If we don’t start today, that phrase of hell on earth will soon become a reality. Call your local congressman or woman; run for office yourself, start a church that TRULY serves others and fulfills the Great Commission. do anything, do something, but get out of the four walls, get off Facebook, Twitter and WOW, and get in the Game! Is anyone out there at all….do we care at all…..The Road is narrow, so much more narrow than we think…..