Short and Sweet

I guess the picture says it all right? No messing around this morning, no beating around the bush, getting right to it.

There have been days where I think to myself, I can’t honestly believe that people think the way that they do. Not to say I know everything because that couldn’t be farther from the truth but do Christians even actually read the Bible anymore? Or is everything just a “pick out the best scenario to fit my agenda” game? Again, short and to the point so here are my thoughts for your reading pleasure..

  • NO ONE comes to the true saving grace and eternal gift of life by putting them down and telling them their actions are leading them to hell. NO ONE. I didn’t and anyone that tells you they did, well, I would have my doubts.

  • Only when we DEMONSTRATE the love of Christ will unbelievers start to question why we act the way we do and desire that life as well. Jesus left us plenty of examples of this yet we choose to ignore them..

  • We are NOT to judge the WORLD. The Scriptures call us to judge the CHURCH! Yes folks the CHURCH! Yet more times than not all I see is the judgement of the LGBTQ community, Democrats, insert favorite sin get it. GOD will judge the world no, ifs, and’s or buts.

  • Finally, we are called to love our enemies…Boy do we hate that one. I really pray that social media is not a true measuring stick of where we are at in that one because if so…..we got problems

Friends….I can’t say it any clearer. You want to win souls to Jesus? Figure out His love first. If you don’t know how to love like Jesus did and does, start there. Its ok to reboot, better to reboot and do things the right way instead of having to explain to the King of Kings why you felt the need to keep doing HIS job instead of what He called you to do…




I Have Feelings Too

Hello again friends! Can I be real with you for a second? I have to say, things have been really quiet lately on my blog. Maybe my messages are upsetting people and they are leaving, maybe people are just busy, but things have hit quite the standstill lately and I was having thoughts of just stopping this blog. (at least through this medium). Then I thought, you know as long as there is one person that takes the time to read my thoughts and maybe use them to get through a hard time then its all worth it. So, I wont be going anywhere until God moves me on to something else. Hopefully you all feel the same; now on to a message that will probably have more people leaving. (I promise that isn’t my intent)

So, I read a story this morning on Twitter about a group of people in the LGBTQ community that were upset with the lyrics of a song that I guess implies one would have to be drunk to kiss someone of the same gender. I saw a lot of comments like “I have never been more hurt” or “We can and should do better”.

First off I have to say that I cannot believe the “offended about everything” generation we live in today. You folks understand that two people can have two different opinions about life and its ok right? If you are a member of the LGBTQ community do I agree with your lifestyle choices? Nope. Why? Well because God has some pretty strong opinions about this; however He also has some very strong opinions about liars, cheaters, and adulterated thoughts as well. So does that mean I hate you or even dislike you? NO. Am I offended by you? NO. It’s all part of the free will thing friends. You do you and I do me. With that said, I will pray that EVERYONE strive to be more like Christ regardless of what poor choices you make.

That said, where are all the people standing up for MY feelings as a Christian? I can tell you that I have NEVER had someone apologize to me as a believer because of a way they have acted towards me KNOWING that I try and live my life in God’s faith. In fact, people almost run the other direction when they find out I am a Christian. Where are all my supporters in these platforms of people?

  • LGBTQ Community
  • Atheists
  • Democrats
  • Liberals

Never once have I had anyone from these groups or other say, “I’m sorry, did my actions offend you?” Why? THEY DON”T CARE. Do you see any hypocrisy in all of this? So I should care about what offends you in a song but you don’t care about what offends me as a believer in Christ. Interesting….

Now when it comes down to it, believers in Christ are held to a different standard because we “know” better. We KNOW the world is corrupt and hates us because it hated Jesus first. We were warned; however from a group of people that are hades bent on having equality and love for all, it would seem you folks have left out a big segment of the population; me.

In Christ,