Still Need Some Help

Still needing some help if anyone is in a position to provide. Things are really crazy right now and we just need a little assistance to get us over the top.

Pray about how God might use you in this way. See link below.

Thank you!


Your Calling

Ephesians 4:1 -“Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.”

We all have been callled by God for something special; a mission from the Most High. Is the life your living worthy of that calling?

Agape Love,


A Need

I promise this is the last time I will post this. You all do not know how helpful you all have been that have donated and prayed for us. We still have quite a ways to go to cover all our expenses but I know God will provide. In Jesus name!

Help by clicking here

Agape Love,


Time Is Almost Up

How seriously do you take your eternal life? Is it something that you give any time to think about and its importance? Maybe your saying this morning, “I have my whole life to deal with that” or “There is no eternal life, I’m born, I die, that’s it” Well in both cases you would be extremely wrong. There is an eternal life that you will choose where to spend, and your time to choose is almost up….

I see a world around us that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. A world where killing a newborn baby is acceptable; a world where gender has no place; a world where the very church itself has become so corrupt and indistinguishable from the world that it no longer has any effect on the salvation of humanity (it has simply become a place to have our emotional fix and make us feel better); and finally a world where we have a second generation of people saying with bold voices, “God, we don’t want you in our nation or in our lives, WE GOT THIS” Well, folks, the clock is almost at midnight and I can assure you that you ain’t got this…not even close.

See Jesus’ promise of coming back is very real, so is your eternal destination. You will spend eternity after you die either in the presence of God Himself with the promise of no more pain, no more suffering, and a joy that cannot be described by human language. OR, you can choose to spend eternity in a very real place called Hell, where you will be all alone without God or anyone else, in a state of eternal torture that again can not be described with human language. God will provide justice to the sin that exists in the world which makes this place necessary, however, make no mistake it is YOU that makes the choice to go there. God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross of Calvary to take your place in the penalty box of sin. All we have to do is choose to give our lives to Him and start following His ways and not the ways of our selfish desires anymore.

Friends, not many are preaching this anymore and time is too short so lovingly you will hear more and more of this from me because I want each of you to join me in the same Paradise that the thief next to Jesus is in. Stop worshipping Trump, Peloski, insert political name here for they can’t do anything for you! They all play for the same evil team and this nation is falling for it. Instead, today worship the only one that can change this land and the people in it. Most of all He is the only one that can provide the peace that passes all understanding both here and in the life to come.

Which path this day will you choose……

Agape Love,


Quit Stealing the Pen

God is still writing your story; quit trying to steal the pen

Hello my friends and welcome to Saturday! I pray that this week went well for all of you and you are closer to Jesus than ever before. If you don’t know Jesus as Savior today, please run to Him and accept His free (to you) gift of Salvation while you still have the choice to make, Amen?

Ok so I posted this quote this week and got a really good response from it so I thought I would expand upon my thoughts on this today. Sound good?

Stealing the pen…many believe that there is no point in making plans and setting a course for your life because things are already predetermined and nothing you or I do will make a difference. That could not be further from the truth this morning. Stay with me here and really soak in this next sentence and commit it to memory..

**Just because God knows the choices you will make does not take away the opportunity you have to make those choices**

David Fischer

The first lie is that you have no real choices; the second lie is that God doesn’t really care or He is not moving fast enough so you need to take back control of your life (steal the pen from God). You do all understand that God created EVERYTHING in the Universe right? You understand that God made you from dust into the sophisticated, complex, unbelievable creation that you have become right? So why in the world would you want to give up that direction and take your own? How well as it worked so far?

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” 

Isaiah 41:10

Friends, God is, always has been, and always will be in control of everything that is going on in His Creation. Unfortunately, the free will He has given us we take and mess things up. The reason we have this free will is God wanted us to love Him not by force but by CHOICE. Again, He knows what our choice will be, yet we still can make the choice. Today, make the choice to give back the pen of life to Jesus. He knows more about you than you ever will; He knew you before you were even created so of course He will have the best plans and the best paths for your life. Trust Him to do for you what you simply cannot do for yourself.

Give up the pen; in fact, give it up and NEVER take it back. The God of all Creation is just waiting to write your next Great Chapter. I promise you, it will be a best seller….

-Blessings and Love,


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It’s Time!

Restore us, O Lord God of hosts! Let your face shine, that we may be saved! – Psalm 80:19

Hello friends and welcome to the weekend. I hope that all is well and your relationship with Jesus grows every single day. On that note, lets get started…

So in case you haven’t noticed, the world around us is quite literally going to Hell. There are too many reasons I could list, but suffice it to say, our world is totally run by demonic forces at every turn. Now, even believers are being affected like never before. There is no unity in the body as we debate furiously about how smart we are in God’s Word, judging everyone that doesn’t act exactly as we do, and heck even promoting the very sin that many are trying to flee on a daily basis.

So it hit me yesterday….We need a Revival! A Revival of the likes the world has never seen. A time where all believers unite under the Word of God and prayerfully march upon the very gates of Hell and say with one voice; JESUS IS LORD OF LORDS and KING OF KINGS. That we would put our petty differences aside and as ONE body of Christ, show the lost (maybe for one last time) the Light of Jesus Christ.

Send a message to Lucifer himself that he has already lost the war and as God’s appointed people we are going to share the Truth of Christ to everyone we can and make sure he has as few people with him in the Lake of Fire as possible. (Yes, the Lake of Fire will be a very real place where you will spend eternity suffering if you continue to ignore the sacrifice God made so your debt could be paid.)

Ephesians 2:8-9

So who is with me? Who would like to slam down the doors of Hell itself and start a Revival like no one has ever seen? It’s up to all of us; in our daily lives and actions. We must start by praying that Jesus would fill us up with the Holy Spirit like never before and then listen to His guidance. Time on this world is getting shorter every minute, but there is still time to win a few more battles Amen?

Looking forward to hearing from each of you in this endeavour. If you are, please write your name in the comments below so I can pray for each of you. It’s time friends….

Agape Love,