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Good morning again friends! Back as promised with coffee in hand and hopefully a positive message. First of all though I wonder how many married couples can feel what my Bride and I feel…..We share EVERYTHING!

When I get sick, she gets sick. She has major back issues, I got major hip and knee issues. Now, she has had really bad Charlie Horses and guess what wakes up yours truly in the middle of the night? I mean its clear that we are soulmates no doubt but do we have to share EVERYTHING? God does have a sense of humor for real! Ok, now on to the business at hand.

I named this blog Removing the Veil because I have always felt that there is a veil of secrecy and lies that mask people to the Truth and prevent them from truly coming to Christ. I still feel that way more than ever and because of that my mission has changed a bit from this being just a blog to a full blown ministry assault on the Enemy. With Christ at the front, I want to bring His Truth to others in such a powerful yet loving way that they will feel desperate without Him. Which brings me to the title of this message; Unity.

We live in such a divisive world right now it just breaks my heart. Alot of the stories you hear are made up solely to cause even more division, however, many of them are true and you can see it every day, everywhere. I hate to say it but much of it comes right from, yep you guessed it, us as believers. We too often like to single people out based on socioeconomic status, how one dresses, how one lives, and my favorite one which version of the Bible you read. God has called us to love EVERYONE regardless of ANYTHING.

Folks, we are entering a very exciting yet dangerous time in the world. Christ WILL be coming back soon and the question you have to ask yourself today is; will you be proud of the mission God has given you to love others more than yourself or will you be ashamed because you will know that you put only yourself first and caused more division than unity. There are souls out there that are dying because of hate and division, we have to do more my friends; we just have to….

If you have never given your heart and life to Jesus, I implore you to do so now. Our time is so short and tomorrow is never guaranteed. If you have, lets get back down to basics! No matter what you feel God has given you to do on this Earth, I assure you there is no greater mission than simply loving ALL others. God will sort out the rest. You and I are no better than anyone else so lets get to it shall we? Let us Remove that Veil and show the world a love that passes all understanding! Show them the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Amen?

Love to all of you,