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Quick Rant


I have some time today looking at various tweets regarding football games, the President, and other “jokes” about this storm. Let me be very clear on some facts as a former resident of Florida and what I consider to be my home state.

  1. This Hurricane as of this writing has SUSTAINED winds of 185 mph. WIND GUSTS of 215 mph.
  2. Hurricane Andrew had similar stats when in hit Florida in 1992. How do I describe the destruction….YOU CAN’T. Where there once stood homes you could not even see the foundation; it was GONE
  3. This Hurricane is considerably larger than Andrew was which will make the devastation even more widespread if it stays at its current speed and size.
  4. If the models are correct and pan out, we could be looking at the total destruction of TWO Florida cities. (Miami and Tampa). The storm surge alone will be catastrophic if it all keeps going as is.
  5.  The radar they use to measure rainfall amounts inside a Hurricane can no longer      read the data. No offense but Houston will look like a sprinkle if this hits as is.

I say all of this not to scare you but to wake you people up that think this is some kind of joke. I love my Dolphins but shame on the NFL if they play this game at all this week. Would you be able to leave your loved ones home in the middle of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Secondly, there is no room for jokes AT ALL. This storm is deadly serious and its first aim is on the islands which have far less protection than we do here….Instead of making jokes and worrying about football games, we need to pray that this monster weakens, turns away, or both.

End of rant, please if you live in an evacuation area. LEAVE NOW. You don’t ride this out. Nothing is able to withstand this type of storm. Period. Just a couple of images of what it looks like after….Prayers to all. David