Holding Back?

Happy Monday! What are you holding back from God today? He wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. Nothing is too big or too small that He can't handle. Today, leave it all at the foot of the Cross and start living! Break those chains! Be free! Agape Love, David

Bachelor Night 

Good afternoon all! So my bride had to run across the state for a night and I will be all alone to my thoughts. Question then for the evening; how many of you have a sense that things are not as they seem? Like a constant tugging at your very core? Let me know in... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone and welcome to Monday. I bet you are wondering why I have Kylo Ren on the screen first thing (you do know who Kylo Ren is don't you?) I have him on the screen because after yesterday this is the way I am feeling. Yes the Dolphins lost but its not like they... Continue Reading →

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