Good Morning!


Good morning again and Happy Resurrection Weekend! I have to confess I have never understood why they named it Good Friday. Nothing about what happened to Jesus on that day was good for Him, but I guess in a way that is what makes it good is that He did it anyway….So, (see how easily I get off track).

Today I am asking a favor. This blog/ministry is super important to me and the message that God has given me is precious to my heart. What my ask is this morning is that if you have been helped or encouraged at all by my words here is that you would share this blog with your friends by leaving them the link or just asking them to visit here at

I also have other accounts which I will leave below, I just thought that with this being Easter weekend, I would ask you all to bring others to this Church and not just on Sundays but EVERY day. Amen? Thank you all so much and I appreciate your support, your friendship, and your love.





Instagram is david_a_fischer71