Hey fellow bloggers; if you pray, please keep my health in your prayers. I have a ugly stomach bug that kept me home from work today. It takes a lot to keep me out so hopefully it’s just a 24 hour things.

Thanks everyone and Agape Love!


True Humilty

If you follow me on Facebook you will see this is a recurring theme. The older I get and the closer I get to God, the less frequent my tolerance for boastful and prideful people becomes.

Be Humble and Kind,


Slept In

Happy Saturday everyone! I haven’t forgotten about today’s post but I haven’t been feeling real well lately so I guess my body needed more sleep. It’s 10:00 and just getting up so once I get some coffee in my system and cleaned up I’ll be back with a message I think will resonate with everyone. See ya soon!



Long Day

Good morning friends. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Going to be a long day today as my family will be dealing with some personal stuff. Please keep us in prayer as I know the Enemy will be waiting to pounce. Our trust will continue to be in the Lord for He is greater than all our circumstances!!