Good Morning

Good morning/afternoon everyone. I have not done a real good job of keeping up on my blog posts during this recovery time. My initial plan was to document daily how I was doing, however, the reality of my situation put me on a different direction.So today I give you an update. I hope that there... Continue Reading →


Hello friends and welcome to the weekend! I hope that you all had a great week and are ready for some down time. For me, this weekend will consist of getting new tires for my car, celebrating my daughter-in-law's birthday and hopefully celebrating a Dolphins win. Oh, there is that pesky little thing about getting... Continue Reading →

Rough Night

Above is actual live footage from me about 2am earlier when the pain in my hip/leg was so bad I was about to rip it out myself...The hard part right now is normally I can take ibuprofen for it but with my upcoming surgery, I have not been able to. Tylenol helps a little but... Continue Reading →

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