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Overcoming The World

Picture look familiar? It should, I just used it in my other post. I reused this picture because I seriously can’t stress the importance of this message. (No glory to me but God alone)…

My family has been going through a lot this last year and it is really starting to take its toll. For me, it is making my patience very short and making me very reactive to others. With the condition of the world right now, this is not a place that I want to be in; can anyone relate?

For me the biggest thing is helping others. It just seems that people are completely closed off to help and I always seem to get burned by doing so. So, invariably what happens is I let it effect who I am and I’m in a worse spot then ever before. Then I start becoming selfish and think, “when is someone going to be there for ME?” (To my family that might be reading this, your excluded)

So, this morning I am getting ready for the day thinking, how do I overcome this? I know this isn’t the way God wants me to be. Then, this verse pops up. Like I always say, sometimes our prayers may take a while to get answered, other times it happens almost instantly. Thankfully today was one of those days and so I am sharing it with all of you.

There is only one way to guide your life in the right direction and be able to withstand the trials that the Evil One throws at us and that is to DAILY give our lives to the Holy Spirit and let Him guide our path. Sometimes even more than once a day, amen?

If you are a true follower of Christ, these days we really have no choice. We either give our lives to Him daily and let His Spirit guide our path, or suffer the consequences. The world has become too evil and too lost to do it without Him. Right now, nothing is as important as our walk with Christ; NOTHING. If you think there is you are being deceived my friends.

Make that decision today and get rid of the crazy in your life; replace it with clarity and purpose that only the Holy Spirit can provide.

Love and Grace,


Admin Help

Hey again everyone! So short and to the point; I am looking for someone with a strong background in social media to come aboard as an admin to help promote this ministry blog in the different social media lanes. I want to spend more time doing actual writing and let an expert handle that stuff.

So if your interested, send me a message or put a comment in the comments section.