Good morning

Just a quick entry this morning. Mind is all over the place so I pray for clarity, direction, and peace.

Love and Blessings,


Quick Thought

Isolating people that you don’t agree with is never the answer. Take that how you will, unless you are God, judge not and love all. Period. 

Peace and Love, 



Hello friends. You know, the day started out good enough, that should have been my notice that things were going to happen. I can’t really get into specifics because I would be digging my own grave so to speak; with that said I will have to speak in more general terms. Another post that, for the most part is simply my own version of therapy I guess. Not many people can understand how I process things so at least writing it down helps I guess. Maybe someone can relate, not sure.

So in very general terms, I guess I’m just tired of being screwed over. Every time I turn around people are achieving things and obtaining their goals all the while being as fake as a 3.00 bill. I know that I could be a better person, I know I could go to church more, blah blah blah. I also could shout from the rooftops all the good things I do but, oh wait, Jesus told us not to that. So, which is it; be fake and get what you want or be real and get screwed over? Just another battle I know but one that I am increasingly getting tired of fighting. I wish I could be more specific but alas I can only speak in general terms today I’m afraid. Just needed a forum to vent with. I’m not the easiest person to understand; most people don’t, heck most people don’t even try. Maybe someone out there can relate….Maybe that is why I go through this crap so people know they aren’t alone. Right now I have no idea but if you are reading this; thank you.
Peace and Love,


Hump day!

Good morning everyone! Another day, another cup of coffee. Can we all be in agreement that coffee is the only thing that makes the morning bright? Can I get an amen? Lol

I mean of course there is the whole God thing but alas God created coffee so if God is good, so is coffee! In all seriousness friends, my prayer for you, me, and everyone around us today is that somehow, someway, we would tell Lucifer to go to where he belongs and tap into that power that God has given us through His Holy Spirit. Power that we can not even fathom yet somehow we deny it. Aren’t we all just all little tired of the games our Enemy plays? How about a new game, we allow the Spirit to give us the power to defeat our trials and bring the Light and Truth in our lives in ALL we do. It is possible you know, I’m on this journey with you; we can do this! Have a great day everyone.

Peace and Love,


Much Better Day (So far)

Good afternoon friends,

Nice to see some activity on my blog today. Hopefully my insights are helpful and will catch on; if not well, if even one person is helped right? 

Today has been (so far) a much better day than yesterday. Actually had a good day at work and no tragedy’s happened. Amazing how the bar can be lowered when things are going bad huh? I mean, the world gives us all these expectations of how our lives should go and what a “good day” should look like that sometimes it can be confusing. At the end of day, everyone I left at the house when I went to work is still here and in good condition, so praise God for that! With that said, I have this thought (that I unapologetically stole from The Shack) but has become more prevalent in my life; what exactly constitutes good and evil? I mean the world teaches us one thing but maybe its different? Hear me out….

For people that have given their heart to Christ, why is death considered a bad thing? Let’s be real, we will ALL die. There is no getting around it, it is going to happen. So instead of mourning people, why do we not celebrate? We WILL see them again, its like they have simply gone on a long vacation. Do we not believe that God makes all things new and can make good out of anything? Now if someone has rejected Jesus as their Savior, then I can see the mourning and frustration. What awaits those that reject the Savior is, well, a topic for another blog post.

Another thing, what actions do we consider to be evil and/or good? Are we the judge? Do we know God’s ultimate plan for us and what HAS to happen in order for that plan to be fulfilled? I think I have the answer and with most things Spiritual; its a simple one. The Enemy wants to keep us miserable; period. As Christ-followers we are supposed to live a life of Love and Light; how can we do that when we think every single thing that happens in our lives is bad or evil. (I blame the church as we know it now, but again that is for a different post). Guess what folks, ITS NOT ALL BAD!! Sure there is evil, always will be until God restores all things, but most of the time what REALLY is evil is our responses to what happens to us, not the action itself…

Friends, I need to take my own advice I know. I fail miserably in this area and this is a huge area for me to work on but do me a favor. Stop focusing on FB, Twitter, and all the other media that Satan manipulates to make you think all is lost..its not. There is a world of beauty out there; more importantly with the Spirit in your heart, there is pure beauty right in the mirror. Thanks again everyone for your support and hope to hear from some of you along the way.

Peace and Love,


Evening Post

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, it sure was a Monday…this post might be a little negative so if your looking for some inspiration on this post, I’m sorry. This is going to be more of a “I need to vent” post. I really really tried to be positive today, but just too much happened and part of the reason I created this blog was to show that you can be a believer and still have a bad day. So, here goes…

So I guess I will start with the really bad news..a dear family member went in for Gall Bladder surgery and found out she has Stage 4 cancer in her kidney, gall bladder, and bladder. We found out the news even before she woke up and I can only pray that God will give her the comfort she will need when she hears this news. In this age of technology, of course we hear this be texting. Now don’t get me wrong, I text all the time, but there are some things that simply should be told face to face. Anyway, I would ask for all your prayers as we know that we serve a mighty God that can heal, but I don’t know how much fight she has. She just went through Open Heart Surgery only a few months ago so yeah, I just don’t know…

Then I guess what really pisses me off is right after that I see people posting complaints about stuff that quite frankly pales in comparison. I mean, is your life ending? If its not, just shut up. That is where I am today….(I told you). We moan and complain about all these things that really at the end of the day mean NOTHING. But, we are a generation of complainers and we have the perfect forums to do it through FB, Twitter, etc. I get so tired of it really; I know people are suffering out there, but are you REALLY suffering? If you didn’t just have Open Heart Surgery and get diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, chances are your day was better than hers. Chances are your “problems” are just minor distractions that require no effort whatsoever. I’m really not trying to be insensitive but come on folks. It’s really not that bad…

Then I feel so bad for my bride, who top of a bad back, living with her parents, and serious other family issues on the other side of the state is getting to the point where she is numb. I am trying to let her know I’m there for her but man its difficult not to slide down that path as well. It seems at times our family is cursed; cursed with the seemingly never ending catastrophic event one after another. (But by all means, you couldn’t get that phone you wanted, your life is so much worse….)

Well, I warned you. Normally I like to make posts that are positive and encouraging. Today, however, I needed to vent. Venting that I do best through my typing. I hope you understand or heck maybe even can relate. Thank you for any prayers you can provide for all. 

Peace and Love,


The Car- 6/24/14


Good morning! Yesterday God showed me something that I wanted to share with you all. About 3:30 in the afternoon or so, I looked out of my office window as the afternoon storms were about to rush into the area. You could see the darkening clouds and the wind shift direction, so you knew that a good one was on the way. As I looked upon the rushing clouds, I also noticed people running out to their cars to put up their windows or their convertible tops in preparation for the rain. All that entered my Spirit was how small we really are; how at the drop of a hat our entire day can be changed by an event that our Creator uses to keep life going on this planet. The other thing God showed me was how this is an example of how we need to prepare for something much more eventful than an afternoon rain.

See my friends, God has given us our freedom for now, but the storm clouds are just on the horizon; there is a day coming where your choice to live for Him will be over and He will give you what you desire. He will either give you an eternity filled with love, beauty and eternal happiness, or a eternity without Him filled with suffering and the realization that you are forever alone. Yesterday, some of my co-workers prepared for the rain by running to their cars; I ask you this morning, how are you preparing for the storm of all storms? The return of our King! It’s not about religion and its different customs, its not even about how many times you went to church or how many “spiritual posts” you put on Facebook. Instead, its about a real relationship with the One that gave His only Son Jesus so you could be absolved of your past, present, and future sin and give you an eternal life…a true life. What this day will be your desire? How will prepare for the storm?

In Christ,