Good Morning

Good morning friends. He will handle all your problems if you let Him. Set them at the foot of the Cross and finally be free!





Hey everyone. Again, apologies for getting sidetracked with the main focus of my blog but with this hip replacement surgery I am simply trying to stay focused. 

Today my PT showed me how to walk properly with a cane so that is definitely a huge step in my recovery. Some of the hardest obstacles in this process is simply letting Time do its thing. Might even be a bigger life lesson there somewhere about slowing down life to get to our goals. Maybe?

Anyways thank you to those sticking with me through this; soon I will be back fully and better than ever. 🙂

Love and Peace, 


Quick Entry

Good morning friends and welcome to all the new followers and those that have been with me from the start. Just a quick message this morning to keep in mind what our friend Toby Mac says here; we don’t always have to participate in an argument. Sometimes it takes more strength to just walk away….

Love you my friends and if you are enjoying my writing so far, share my blog with others! Thanks again friends!

Peace and Love,