Happy Monday!

Our Father in Heaven loves us so much…Give your problems to Him today!

Please keep me in your prayers too as I head to my first WW meeting tonight, have a blessed Monday!



I feel my Enemy all around me;

The darkness is closing in;

Like quicksand in the desert

I fear I see the end.

Jesus my Lord where are you?

Alone with my thoughts I sit.

In the Enemyโ€™s grasp I find myself,

Being pulled into a fiery pit.


Hey fellow bloggers; if you pray, please keep my health in your prayers. I have a ugly stomach bug that kept me home from work today. It takes a lot to keep me out so hopefully it’s just a 24 hour things.

Thanks everyone and Agape Love!


Day 6!

man wearing blue shorts holding vehicle tire facing waterfalls

As I begin day 6 of my 88 day journey, I feel a bit like this guy going into the weekend. I always seem to lose control of my eating habits on the weekend. Not this time though, its too important. I will grab my tube and with God leading the way, head into this challenge like never before!



Photo by Oliver Sjรถstrรถm on Pexels.com