My Dental Update- 18 Days

Good morning friends! Well, for the first time since my procedure back in December, I am comfortable enough to show you a picture of the final result. For those of you that do not know my story, let me give you a quick synopsis. For various reasons which I wont bore you with, I have... Continue Reading →

Stand Up!

Hello again everyone! I hope and pray that you all had a exceptional week and are ready for the weekend. I had some ups and downs but at the end of it all I'm still standing and God is still in control, Amen? This week I am issuing a calling; a calling to all my... Continue Reading →


Hello again! Hope everyone's Saturday is going well so far. I have coffee in hand and am about to discuss a subject with you that may cost me some peeps. I preface this message by saying I also include myself in it and that it is all coming from a place of love but yet... Continue Reading →

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