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In a world searching so desperately for a reason to go on, I give you this….

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Hello again! Hope everyone’s Saturday is going well so far. I have coffee in hand and am about to discuss a subject with you that may cost me some peeps. I preface this message by saying I also include myself in it and that it is all coming from a place of love but yet urgency. So, if you are easily offended or not up for real talk, I will give you a moment to leave……

Ok! For those still here, THANK YOU! I know that each of you here have many choices and millions of blogs you could be reading so I truly appreciate the fact that you are here and giving me just a few minutes of your day. So Sin…a touchy subject and vastly misunderstood. Misunderstood for a myriad of reasons but for our purposes here I will focus on three;

  1. We have forgotten how sin came into this world
  2. We have definitely forgotten just how powerful it is
  3. We most certainly have forgotten the way to break free from it.

*We have forgotten how sin came into this world. Well I can assure you that Eden was a real place and Adam and Eve were real people created by God. I can also assure you that when God created them, the world was a much different place. It was perfect in every way; a place with no Sin and one where God walked in His creation. (Again, not the place to give support for this but trust me its true). In fact, there was only one rule from God at the time and that was not to eat from a tree called The Tree of Knowledge. There are some debates why God imposed this rule but at the end of the day if the Creator gives you ONE rule to follow, you might want to listen. Well they didn’t listen, Adam had no idea where his bride went and so when Satan tempted her to eat from the tree, she did; and so at that moment the world was forever changed and Sin was born.

*We have forgotten just how powerful sin is. Let’s look at this from two aspects shall we?  -First, the perfect world was no more. Adam and Eve realized they were naked and now had to work for a living. It was also the beginning of the decay of the world physically; the perfection that was there could no longer be. Why? Simply because God can’t be around Sin; it is the opposite of Who he is and so the world started its Fall right there.*

-The second aspect  of this would be in our own lives. Now for those of you that are believers in Christ, how do you feel when you KNOW you have done something sinful? I can tell you that when I KNOW I did something against God’s Word, I feel like a semi truck ran over me, stopped and came back, then did it again. Oh and repeated this process over and over again for the rest of my day. Tell me I’m not the only one here….Yes some of it is guilt but much of it is because Sin is powerful! Almost the most powerful energy in the Universe; second only to Love. Make no mistake, this feeling is straight from the same Enemy that laid the path for our ancestors to make the same mistake*

*The final aspect I want to share with you is that we have definitely forgot that there is a way to avoid it altogether and BREAK THE CHAINS of Sin in our lives. That way is through the Blood of Jesus Christ! This is why I always say to new believers, you MUST understand Sin before you can truly appreciate the need for Christ and why God HAD to send Him to pay the penalty that should have been paid by us. As a believer God has given you the ability to speak directly to Him (without anyone in a collar) and confess with our mouths that we are sinners and pray for His Holy Spirit to guide us AWAY from our sinful desires. Today though I believe we do the opposite….

I believe that many of us just have “Hell insurance”. We said some words and now live however we want. Yet still wonder why our lives are all jacked up. I’m not talking about living by some legalistic rules which are not even biblical; I mean totally surrendering our lives to Jesus and embracing the victory over Sin that He won on that Cross of Calvary. Are you ready for that today? Are you ready to BREAK THE CHAINS of Sin that bind you at every turn? I don’t mean perfection either; until Jesus returns the sad fact is that we live in a sinful world and we are not yet perfect. However, we can get awfully close but ONLY when we live through Him!

In closing, remember that even when you do fall to Sin and its temptations, you are still forgiven! Get back up, dust yourself off, and embrace the forgiving arms of Jesus. Amen? Thank you all again and I pray that this message resonated in your soul; time is short my friends….

Love in Christ,