Take Action

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday! It has been an interesting week to say the least, right? From moving to health issues to “insert latest trial here” it has been a week to forget. Or maybe in some ways not to forget les we fall into the ever failing definition of insanity. More times than not we go through these trials to refine us and teach us what NOT to do or say. I know that is true with me and if we are all honest with ourselves you as well. Anyway, a big thank you to all that stopped by yesterday and either read my blog or decided to take the leap and follow. It was one of the most active days for my writing yet and I look forward to the days, weeks, and months ahead as I look to my goals.

Love; sometimes I wish this word was never created for us as humans. I mean its almost as if we are setup to fail sometimes…We all say we love each other but the bar has been set so high for what love really means, no one can achieve it; at least now. Maybe like what I said before, its more of how NOT to love rather than how to love. Love in its purest form was achieved only by Jesus who offered Himself in our place on that old rugged cross. He was the only perfect being and the only one that will ever love in the way it was designed. With that said, can we get close? Well I do think so but that takes something most of us don’t have that Jesus did; sacrifice and to eliminate self-love…See the Scriptures tell us that when we come to Christ as Savior we must die to ourselves. That doesn’t mean we go jump off a bridge, it means that we no longer put ourselves first and instead put Him first and then all others. There is also a “pecking” order of things which in our society today we have definitely screwed up. (Yes I said screwed, get over it) God first, spouse second, children third, then everyone else. Hard to do I know but essential none the less. It also reveals that we stop worrying about ourselves. How many songs over the years have been written about the Universe not revolving around you? Well its funny but its true, it really doesn’t. So what do we do? Easy to say, hard to do but here goes…

1. Make Jesus your Savior, without that you are incapable of loving anyone the way they truly should be loved. Period.

2. Realize that love is not a feeling, another lie that has been created, rather it is an action. Every time you SAY I love you and don’t show it, your words are meaningless.

3. And this is a biggie for yours truly, stop worrying about how everyone else is treating you and instead focus on how you are treating everyone.

I know this is hard, especially when we have those in our lives that seem “unworthy” of love. The truth is we are all loved and need love in different ways. The ultimate love comes from Christ and should always be our guide. Especially when you have folks like me that make it down right almost impossible to love. I come from a loveless family as a youth so everything I have learned about love has been a learning experience. I make mistakes often but hopefully I learn from them and we can learn from each other….

Have a great day my friends and be a source of love to someone today. 😉




Well saw the surgeon and he approved my hip replacement surgery. Not a lot to tell now but will probably be within the next 4-5 weeks or so. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers…

Love and Truth,


Now That You Have Started..

Good morning friends. I hope this finds you doing well and on the beginning of a new journey to seek Truth. Truth not just as an action but as a Person in Jesus Christ. I say this not to be “religious” but to give you hope; a hope that can only be found through Him….

You know how the easiest thing sometimes in our lives is to start something? For me I have been on a million different diets and lost a ton of weight. Problem is I never finish that race and gain it all back. The hardest part of any journey is not just starting it but sustaining it. Giving up is something that comes way too easy, especially for me, so what do we do? If you are indeed on that journey to find Truth amongst the lies of this world, it can be a daunting and frustrating experience. So much is thrown at you from the “other” side and very little from the side of Truth that it can make you feel that you will never find It. This is why I point you to the Scripture above….

Doing good for others can take many different forms, it might be helping out a neighbor with their rent payment this month, it might be just listening to a co-worker when they are about to lose their minds, it might just also be taking a leap against the grain and revealing God’s Word to someone that has been deceived by the Enemy’s lies. All of this can make us feel tired and weary both physically and spiritually but the Bible tells us to not let it get to us because in the end it will all be worth it! That all of our trials, all of our work, and all of our weariness will be rewarded to those that stay the course. Now we don’t do these things to earn a reward and trust me God knows your intentions, but doesn’t it make it just a little easier knowing that all of this has a purpose? That you are not engaging in a fight that has no value or worth in the end? I know it does for me and I can’t imagine a day where even at the smallest levels I know that God has my back in this fight.

Friends, this search for Truth may take us to some dark places; the Enemy of our souls will fight and claw his way to keep us down and from the Truth. He has crafted a very elaborate plan to keep you and I deceived so that we will never discover God’s love for us and the love that we share for each other. There are problems in this world and we should stand up for what is right, however, with every viewpoint there is another, only God is absolute. Open your minds and your hearts today friends and let God fill your soul with Truth, you will be amazed at what you find….

Have a blessed day everyone!

Truth and Love,


Stop The Lies

Ever wonder what is true and what is false? Ever wonder who and what determines that truth or falsehood? Good morning and welcome. My main mission in life is to bring others to Christ where their life both here and eternally can be changed forever. However, we have a problem…..It’s not so easy anymore and its because of “pick your adjective” above. You are being deceived and the worst part is you don’t even care. Let me explain….

There was a time in this world where God and His Son perminated the lives of people. Not everyone believed but Truth was revealed to humanity as a person, not just an action. Truth came in the form of God’s Son Jesus Christ and all that is good with Him. Fast forward to today; we live in a 24 hour news cycle, we have up to the second information right at our fingertips via Twitter, Facebook, .com sites everywhere, you get the point. Not that in and of themselves these things are evil but the problem is that they have become the replacement for God. We have told God, “we don’t need you, we have created our own god and placed an alter to him”. The god of this world is the internet and the we have placed our hopes, dreams, and livelihoods on this alter created by us. Well, unlike God Himself, these things we have created can be corrupted and give out falsehoods, deception, inaccuracies, etc. So now we have replaced Truth with Lies and Lies come from a whole different place (which if you don’t know where that is, message me and I will be happy to share it with you).

So, I am thinking, how can I reach people with this beautiful message of Christ through all of this mess; then it hit. I need to start a movement. Throughout history, God’s people have started revivals to bring people back to Truth. This time, the revival needs to be different. We need to show people that they are being deceived and help them shed the mask of Lies so they can clearly make a choice. So that is where this all leads friends, I will be doing everything I can to expose the lies of people, news, and media wherever possible. Not to be their judge but to clear the scales from your eyes so you can at last see Truth. Truth that loves you and would never decieve you unlike the new god of this world. Will you join me? Will you help expose the Lies and the Liar? Unconventional times call for unconventional methods; a new movement needs to begin before its too late. 

Bringing the Light,


Hope Cont….

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! I hope that everyone out there is having a hope-filled week so far and keeping your eye on the prize. We recently moved into a home we are renting and aside from a few technical glitches, we love it. As much as we appreciate being around family, there is nothing like having your own space to call your own. Now with it just being me and my bride, it makes for some peaceful days. In the picture above, I am writing this straight from my kitchen table so it can remind me what is really important in life; Jesus and Coffee. 🙂

Yesterday, I wrote a little about hope. I sense my spirit changing a bit because my initial mindset was that I would convey to my readers this evil and the “veil” that has been cast upon humanity. While I will definitely still be doing that, I feel as if this world needs something first; HOPE. People will never be receptive to a message if they don’t have hope that things can change or that they will really be ok. As I said yesterday, the media goes literally out of their way every day to tell you how bad the world has become and making us feel like we have very little options in life. To the point where we are seeing suicides at an unprecedented rate as the feeling of hopelessness engulfs our very being….Well, I will not contribute to that feeling and instead offer a simple, but yet truthful message…THERE IS HOPE!!

Hope is not something that can really be explained, it has to be shown. The thing is that it doesn’t have to be complicated; take this morning for example. Our power breaker for the water heater keeps going off and I feel like I could sleep for 100 more hours; doesn’t make for a good morning if I just concentrate on that right? But actually there is hope right in front of my face; hence the picture above! I have the windows open where the birds said Good Morning, I have coffee in my hand, and thanks to the technology below my fingertips, I can communicate with the world on this message of hope. Really, its a pretty good morning wouldn’t you say?

Friends, do me a favor to prove my point. I challenge each of you to turn off your Twitter news feeds, don’t listen to any news of any kind for 24 hours. Simply concentrate on looking for positives around you; go for a walk, head to the beach, maybe even just shut off the air and open up your windows to listen to God’s creation speaking to you. You might just be surprised at what you hear. There is hope all around you my friends, you just have to want to see it. God has so much in store for you both here and in the life to come. Sure we have evil here for now and we will experience trials in our lives, but the suffering that we may encounter here is nothing compared to the Hope, Glory, and Grace that God has given us and will see completed in us very soon. Have a great, hope-filled day everyone and if you see fit, please share this blog with others so that we can bring a message of hope to others. 🙂

Peace, Love, and Hope,



Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great Monday and enjoyed the Eclipse. I was only 8 the last time we had one so this was a pretty neat experience for me. In Michigan it was pretty cloudy so we didn’t have the best view but thankfully to the internet there were some fantastic pictures taken; especially the ones by NASA from space. How can you possibly look at that and not know that there is a God. A God that has not only created the Sun, Moon, and the Stars but you and I as well. Amazing thing is that what we saw yesterday is only a preview of His Majesty and just as equally amazing His hope….

One of the reasons I love football so much is there is always the hope that my favorite team (THE Miami Dolphins) will win that week and hopefully that year. I have had a lot of time to build up this hope as we haven’t been very good for a while now but there is still hope. Hope is something we are desperately needing today wouldn’t you say? If you listen to the media you would think that EVERYONE hates each other and that there is no alternative but to fight others that disagree with you. This is all part of the deception that I know exists and is tearing us apart. The Truth is that there is more Hope than you can imagine! Things are not as bad as they seem and there is a Hope that is just waiting for you to reach out to in Jesus.

I’m not talking about religion or man made practices but instead THE Creator that gave you that eclipse yesterday also has given you Life!; life both here and in the world to come. One thing though, God is a gentleman and He will never force His way into your heart. So you are left with an option, are you ready?

You can continue to buy into the lies that the media is giving us or you can explore for yourself. If you choose to explore, I promise you that a whole other world exists; a world with Someone that loves you unconditionally and will give you hope that you never knew existed. The choice is up to you, which will it be? Make the choice for Hope and I will show you exactly what I mean….. 😉

Peace and Love,


My Passion

Good Sunday Morning!

Just a quick thank you for all the new followers both on here and on Twitter that are not only joining my burning passion to write but also to hopefully lift the veil that has been cast over our eyes. A veil that has prevented us from truly following Jesus and His teachings and instead created a religion that looks nothing like what God intended.  This is the essence of my post this morning; to explain a little more about why I do this…

It’s funny because yesterday my middle son asked me, “what is my biggest strength?” When he asked me that he made sure to let me know he was referring to his talents and gifts. Of course I said he has a big heart but he was looking for something more specific; so, being the musician he is I said your music! You have a God given gift to be a musician and I think you would be wise to follow that gift. All of my kids have special gifts from God as do all of you reading this; don’t ever forget that. Then, just for fun, I asked everyone what mine was and it ranged anywhere from preaching to what Derek said, “you can write your ass off”. I found that interesting because although my family supports me greatly in my passion, they don’t always have time to read what I write. They also said I should start a You Tube channel but I’m just not as proficient in front of a camera as I am typing on a keyboard. Can anyone relate? 

So, as if I hadn’t before, I made my decision last night to completely throw myself into this venture. Not to get “famous” or make lots of money, but instead to accept the gift that God has given me and also relay a message that not many are ready to hear, yet needs to be told. Everywhere there is deception; deception at a level that is even hard for me to fathom. Everyone says that blacks folks hate white folks; hmmmm I have lots of ” black” friends and people I consider to be family and yet no hate there. This is just one example but there are so many more where the Enemy has set out an agenda to deceive you. Decieve you and keep you from Truth; a Truth that can only be found when you are ready to let go of everything you have been taught about the world and in many cases Christianity. Jesus wants true followers, not religious zealots. 

So much to tell you friends, but enough for today. Will you join me on this mission? Are you tired of the deception? You can follow my work either by email, WordPress, or Twitter. Hope to see you all there with me.

Lifting the Veil,