New Direction

Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday! I want to thank all of you for your prayers as it would seem that this virus I have had for seemingly forever is finally gone. They are calling it a “Summer Virus”; I have another name for it but that wouldn’t be so nice. Anyway, thank you again as the power of prayer is so needed and appreciated.

New direction…when I started this blog a couple of years ago, I had one subject matter on my heart. To show people just how corrupt the Church has become and how far we have strayed from the intent of why Jesus established the Church to begin with…While I still look upon the American Church as more of a business than a Spiritual refuge and place for souls to be won, I feel as if the time has come to change directions in my message.

Why? Well I have come to the conclusion that there is enough reporting on the bad in the world and it is time to start telling people about the good. Sure, the Church needs work but the Church is not the Gospel, nor does it save us from an eternity in hell, Jesus does! Why not tell THAT story? Why not tell the world how He took someone as pitiful and corrupt as me and offered eternal life both in the one to come and to an extent even now?

I have been listening to a lot of motivational speakers recently and no matter the subject that they are talking about, there is one thing in common…People are desperate for good news. They are tired of living in depression, anxiety, suffering, and never being able to be the person that they know they could be; they are simply looking for Truth. That is the type of content you can expect from me going forward; except the Truth that I speak will one of sound Biblical principles that will hopefully provide the answers people are so desperately seeking.

Friends, I thank you so much for continuing this journey with me; especially as it takes a new turn. With that said, I will only be posting a blog post once a week. I will continue though to put daily content on my Twitter (@David_Fischer71) and Instagram (@david_a_fischer71) so please join me there as well.

To God Be The Glory and have a blessed and productive Saturday!



Hold Tight

Hold Tight….

I WAS REALLY struggling on what to write today…There are so many things going on in this crazy head of mine I just couldn’t pinpoint one thing. Then I do what I always do in those situations and just asked God to reveal it to me.

Success! (See when you give things to God, the path is always more clear). so, He gave me this verse to which I will be writing today…

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. “- James 4:13-14

I guess it kind of hit me again yesterday when I went to the doctor for this nagging throat issue. It didn’t quite hurt as bad but still have trouble breathing so because I feel breathing is kind of essential to life, I went to have it checked out. Well, a few things came out of it…

  1. My tonsils are pretty swollen; so doc put me on a month of steroids to hopefully knock it out.
  2. My Sleep Apnea is still an issue to which she is sending me back to the specialist to probably get put back on the Darth Vader machine.
  3. My White Blood cell count has been elevated since last year so she ordered tests to see how that was doing. (Got the results back and while not as high in November, they are still on the high end)

So, all of this combined with all of the other medical stuff my family and I have been through these last couple of years, really got me thinking..(Scary right).

Got me thinking that as I approach the big 50, my life is most likely on the downswing. That I have lived more years than I have left which because I am a Christ-follower doesn’t trouble me but it does make me think that I and all of us should maybe be spending our time and focus on things that really matter versus giving that time to things that do not.

See, we are not promised tomorrow; heck I have no assurances that I will make it through this blog post, so why do we not focus on what we are promised, Right Now! That is one of the many reasons I am on this weight loss journey is I have things I want to do Right Now and I can’t because of these extra pounds. So I am doing something Right Now to effect that journey. I’m not living for the future, I am quite literally living to make it through today. Make sense?

Friends, stop the worry about tomorrow and surely forget about yesterday; one is gone forever and one may never come. Live for today! Hug that person you have been meaning to, tell them you love them, and treat them and yourself as if this is your last day on Planet Earth. How different would life be if everyone treasured and valued life to that extent….

To God be the Glory and….(looks like I made it though this blog post) 🙂

Love and Hugs,


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Be Thankful!

Be Thankful!

1. You woke up!

2. If your reading this you have riches more than most of the world!

3. God loves you more than you can imagine!

4. God has plans for you that exceed all your expectations!

5. Your Enemy has been defeated!


Always Learning

One thing about being a Pastor, being in the ministry, heck just being a human being is that we are always learning; at least that is what we should be doing. We should never reach a point in our lives where we know without a shadow of a doubt that we know everything and can’t be taught. This happened to me yesterday and even though I knew better, I had to learn the hard way a very simple fact; some people don’t want to learn…

If I am wrong I say it; always been a trait of mine that I hold dear and to be honest expect from others as well. It’s right up there with honesty, kind of a non-negotiable. Over the last few days there has been quite the debate that I stirred up on whether Baptism is required for salvation. I will go to my grave saying it is not because the Bible just gives too many examples where it is Grace and Grace alone (with your acceptance of that Grace) that saves you. Baptism is an act that Jesus is very clear about in which acts can’t save you. Look at the person on the Cross with Jesus; “Today you will be with me in Paradise”. Was that person Baptized? No of course not. So if you are saying Baptism is required for salvation then you are saying that Jesus was lying on the Cross when He made that statement. (There are plenty more examples Jesus gave us through His Word but that is the most obvious one). ANWAYS….

What I learned yesterday is that no one is ever teachable when you play this back and forth game with them; especially over the internet. I would much rather have that type of conversation over coffee face to face, however, in this world today that is difficult so here we are….I should have taken a page from my mentor and just gave my position and left it there. Many people agree with my stance on this; why engage others that disagree? It just puts on a horrible witness and for that I am truly sorry. I guess for me when it comes to issues of salvation it drives me insane to see folks deceived, but again just like spreading the Good News itself, I am not responsible for what people do with the information I give them, only that I in fact give it to them. The Holy Spirit does the rest.

So, my advice to all of you? Let Love be your guide! On most things concerning God and His Word odds are we have it all jacked up anyways. I mean look at all the different versions and today the lack of research people do into the original languages in which God’s Word was written. Other than the basics, I bet when we get to Heaven we will see how wrong we were about a great many things. So if you are passionate about something, be passionate and put it out there. Just stop engaging those that only want to argue and not learn. I know for me that is the approach I will be taking from now on.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Agape Love,


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Follow Friday!

Hey peeps! Over on Twitter we call this Follow Friday so in that Spirit I offer this chance for you to leave your blog link in the comments below so others can visit you too!

Only thing I ask is that you reblog this post so we can keep spreading the love! Tomorrow we get back to the business at hand! His Business!! Removing That Veil!!

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