The irony of this saying is that going through a storm with Jesus is calm and peaceful; going with calm waters without Him is rocky and turbulent.

Not Of This World,



Day 1

  1. Parking pass coming down.
  2. Salad for lunch packed by my Bride.
  3. Only coffee and water to drink all day
  • The Journey Begins…
  • David

I’m Spoiled

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend is starting off well and ready for some down time. Thank you again for all your prayers and support as my Bride went through another and hopefully last surgery yesterday. She is home and already getting the itch to get back to normal. (Keep me in your prayers as I try and keep her restrained so she can rest lol)

So, you ever have those moments in life where you realize that you have taken things for granted? I mean just basic, every day things that you don’t even really think about anymore you just simply do them? Well I sure did this week and not only did I figure out that I took them for granted, God showed me just how spoiled I have really gotten.

So Wednesday night, my Bride and I were watching a movie on Netflix (spoiled thing #1), when all of a sudden at about 7ish the power said bye bye. It was really frustrating because while it was raining, it should not have been enough to make the power go out. So, of course I head over to my cell phone (spoiled thing #2) and check the power app to see how long said power will be down. After a few minutes it updated with a time of 11pm. I was upset but I figure 3 hours without power, and in our case, running water isn’t THAT bad. (THREE WHOLE HOURS). So my Bride and I sat in our living room on our phones and played some games to keep us occupied….

Well, 11PM came and went and still no power. So I keep checking my app and no updates. We then went ahead and tried to go to bed but, and I’m not sure about all of you, I can’t sleep when I’m hot. So, despite my efforts sleeping was not an option. Plus I’m wondering, “How will I shower”, “How will I function on no sleep”; all the while praying to God for our power to come back on.

FINALLY, at 2:36 AM the power came back on and it hit me; how spoiled am I? I kept thinking how did we even get out of the 1800’s when people did not have power or running water?? I mean seriously how did all of humanity not just stop existing….Never mind that many countries today still do not have these things and experience what I did during those 6 hours every day of their lives.

And if that wasn’t enough, the next morning my Sirius XM was not operational for some reason. I about lost my mind! I mean come on, first no power for six whole hours, now I’m expected to listen to REGULAR over the air radio?? How will I go on…I hope by now you are sensing my sarcasm but yet the unnerving truth that I am truly spoiled beyond imagination. That the Lord blesses me in so many ways that I take for granted so many days….

There are people in countries right now that would do anything to have the things I enjoy that I don’t even think of; power, water, food, access to health care, the list goes on and on. It was truly a humbling experience and an eye opener for sure. An eye opener on a few points:

  • We should never take for granted even the simplest things we are blessed with
  • We should realize that there are still places in the world that do not have nearly the basics we do.
  • In an instant all of these “basics” that God had given us can be gone in a second; are you prepared?

Friends, take time today to thank the Creator for all He has done for us and also pray that He would show us the way to not be so dependent on the things of this world and more dependent on Him. One day, and one day soon, we will have no choice my friends; start praying and preparing now!

In His Grace,