Philippians 2:13 -“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”

If you open up your heart, God will show you the way to fulfill His will for your life; are you willing?


Seek Him!

John 3:18 “There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him. But anyone who does not believe in him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son.”

One day there will be judgement on this world; are you sure you want to face that alone? Seek Him!

God’s Word

2 Timothy 3:16-17 -“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip His people to do every good work.”

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Spiritual Gifts

1 Peter 4:10 -“God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.”

Our gifts are not solely to benefit us; but instead to serve others and glorify Him. How are you using your spiritual gifts?

God Loves You!

“God Loves You For You”  By Casey Treat

On day twenty, I think it is important to pause in our active pursuit of renewal and growth to remind you that God loves you. He is proud of you and loves you just as you are today. Even on your worst days, even in the midst of the worst sin and shame, God loves you and desires a personal and intimate relationship with you.

I know I can get so wrapped up in the steps to change that I forget to pause and remember God’s endless love for me. If I never did change, if I failed one hundred more times, that cannot and will not change God’s love for me. Hating yourself and being hard on yourself won’t help you and is not what God wants for your life. He loves you and wants to see you prosper in every area of your life.

Renewal Thought: Change must come from a positive emotion. Embrace God’s love for you and remember how proud He is of you. This will enable you to desire to know Him and be like Him more.

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for loving me and accepting me just as I am, no matter what my weaknesses and problems are. You are for me, and you love me unconditionally. I believe the passion of the Holy Spirit is moving me. I will not give in to guilt or condemnation but desire to see God’s best in every part of life. Thank you, Father, for your goodness towards me.

Agape Love,



Hebrews 12:2 -“We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.”

Keep your focus on Him today! 🙏

Happy Wednesday!

Colossians 3:17- “And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.”

What a difference our lives would be if everything we did or said was a direct reflection of Christ; how would your world be different?