Happy Hump Day!

Hope these verses help someone out there, I know they bring a good start to my day. πŸ™‚




Positive or Negative-Your Choice

As promised I am back! I’m starting to wonder if it is just going to keep snowing from now till Summer. I know it hasn’t but it feels like it has not stopped snowing since last week. I kinda felt this was coming as the last few winters have been pretty insignificant. So, I guess God needs to turn up the moisture a bit and I will SMILE while it continues to fall. (Although in my heart I’m complaining, lol!)

If the last few months have taught me anything it is that no matter what we may think, something will ALWAYS be going on that starts you down a bad path. For my family it has been health; I feel as if my insurance company is going to call one day and say “sorry, we can not insure you anymore”. We have really been through a lot in 2017 and almost none of it we could control. Now, with that said, there is one thing we can control; our attitude.

Before I start there, the other thing I have found out through all of this is that when you are in pain or sick, it is darn near impossible to have a positive attitude. You don’t feel good, your in what seems like never ending pain, and the last thing you want to do is SMILE or think positively. However, the other thing I have discovered is that if somehow, someway, we can just push through all that pain and suffering, we will discover that we still have so much to be thankful for. Once we do that, maybe, just maybe the power of our mind will start to take over….

No I’m not some New Age guru that thinks the mind controls it all, however, if our minds are focused on the right thing, we can move mountains! Heck we could speak to that mountain to move and it would move! Sound familiar? Jesus promised us that if we had just a tiny bit of faith, this power would be given to us to move mountains! For some that mountain is the yearly sinus infection, or a hip replacement, kidney and back issues, sometimes that mountain is cancer. What I do now know is that there is no mountain in our lives that we can’t move with God in control. Thing is we have to reach out to Him and make that positive choice to have faith. Faith that He and He alone will move those mountains through us and turn that storm into a beach side portrait.

Friends, we really do have a choice; not about the storms that come into our lives but how we react to those storms. We can allow the pain and suffering to consume us, or we can reach out to Jesus Christ and let Him chart our course. As a wise man once told me though, Jesus is a gentleman and will never force His way into our lives; we must invite Him in! So are you tired of letting the pain and storms of your life consume you? Change that thinking, change it into a pattern that will move mountains! Have a great day friends and hopefully some of you are enjoying some nice weather; unlike yours truly. SMILE!

In His Grace,


8 Weeks

Good morning friends! Hope you enjoyed my “one off” yesterday as I put on my sports writer hat. Going into the new year you will probably see a little more of that type of thing as I try to become a better overall writer. My mission is still the same, to remove the veil of deception from the minds and hearts of others, but what I have found is that can be done in many different ways. In any case, thank you for your support and the awesome comments that I have received.

So other day I totally missed that I passed my eight week mark since my hip replacement surgery. It has been a heck of a journey and while there have been hiccups along the way I do not regret in anyway getting it done. The pain I am in now is nothing compared to what it was before the surgery. There are some after effects to this no doubt, but I have been assured that they will soon go away and all will be great. In fact, in just 3 weeks I will be going back to work to once again annoy the heck out of my co-workers.

I go back to work on January 2 and along with that comes Phase 2 of my transformation. As most of you know I am a heavy man. At one point I was all the way up to 400 pounds. Obesity runs in my family so its always been a struggle but 400 pounds? Ouch! Since that point I have lost some weight; the last time I was at the doctor I chimed in at 368 so I am on the right path. Now, with my titanium hip in place, the pounds HAVE to come off; I simply have no choice if I want this hip to last the full 30 years that it needs to. I will probably go back to a version of the low-carb diet I was on before but Phase 2 WILL be a success. In fact, I have short term goal of walking a 2k in the spring to fully test this hip and get things going.

So, that is where I am at after eight weeks. Thank you all again for your prayers and support as get ever closer to the full transformation that I know I have to have. Remember, SMILE and LAUGH!!!

Peace and Grace,